Why Trump Endorsed Jeff Sessions' Open Borders Opponent

Donald Trump has officially endorsed Tommy Tuberville against lifelong anti-immigration Senator Jeff Sessions in the upcoming Alabama primary runoff. Sessions was one of the first and only political figures to endorse the president during his 2016 long shot campaign.

Tuberville, a football coach who has quickly raised millions of dollars for his campaign, was profiled by VDare in early February. Tuberville was an advocate for banning the Confederate flag from being displayed at his games all the way back in 1997 and has Rob Jesmer of Mark Zuckerberg's FWD.us pro-immigration lobby helping run his campaign. FWD.us advocates for giving amnesty to all illegal aliens and drastically expanding the highly unpopular H1B program. 

Tuberville has been campaigning on stopping Islamic terrorists from illegally crossing the US-Mexico border. There is no evidence that this has ever happened before or is happening now.

As for the Mexicans that are actually illegally crossing the Mexico-US border, Tuberville said at a campaign rally last Summer: "We got 100,000 people a month coming across the border. We don't know who they are. We need them. But at least we got to know who they are." 

Tuberville opposes restrictions on legal immigration, and has hinted at wanting to expand the program to replace American workers, both blue and white collar

Some may try to explain Trump's endorsement decision as the product of petty personal drama. Trump claims he is upset due to Sessions' recusal during the Russiagate investigation. Yet Trump endorsed one of his most high profile and consistent saboteurs, Mitt Romney, in his 2019 Senate run in Utah. Romney thanked the president by being the sole Republican to vote "Yes" on impeachment.

Trump has adopted Charlie Kirk of TPUSA as the standard barer for his 2020 campaign, despite Kirk's hard line opposition to the president during his 2016 race. Mark Meadows, Trump's brand new Chief of Staff, applauded the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which kicked the fraudulent Russiagate investigation into motion. The list of anti-Trump figures the White House has elevated, endorsed and appointed to prominent positions after-the-fact is endless. Trump's grudges are tactical. 

In Kansas, another early Trump ally and respected anti-immigration voice, Kris Kobach, has been unable to win Trump's endorsement for his campaign for Senate, claiming that the president is undecided on whether to support him or his opponent. Kobach is running against Representative Roger Marshall in the GOP primary. Marshall has publicly opposed building the wall and deporting illegal aliens. He also supports a DACA amnesty. The GOP has declared official opposition to Kobach's candidacy. 

Kobach's big pitch to voters is that he would be the only immigration-restrictionist loyal to Trump's supposed platform in the Senate. At some point, likely in his second term, Trump's administration is planning an "immigration reform" being written in secret by Jared Kushner, which according to leaked details, includes a massive expansion of the legal immigration system that nobody except big capitalists want and our country doesn't need. 

Kushner's plan already has the support of notorious open borders lawmakers like the reviled Mike Lee. While Republican Senators are all expected to support the law if it comes to a vote, many are afraid to publicly associate with it before the 2020 elections.

Why won't Trump endorse Sessions or Kobach for Senate? Because they might stop the planned betrayal of his working class voters in its tracks. Tuberville and Marshall are the real "Trump allies."