Transgenders Are 58% More Likely to Commit Murder Than Be Murdered

Transmania has taken cultural elites in the English speaking world by storm. Famous left-liberal JK Rowling is currently being hounded on Twitter for "transphobia," chic celebrities are now stating their pronouns, and presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has promised to read the names of transgender martyrs (mostly killed prostituting or in drug deals gone wrong) every year from the White House lawn if elected.  

The transsexual movement's driving myth is that there is an epidemic of murders targeting them for their stated "identities." The controlled press in America and the UK has been the main culprit in building this fictitious narrative, constantly reminding us that 24 trannies were killed in 2019, as if their lives are more special than the 17-18,000 victims of homicide every year. 

What the propagandists omit is that individuals identifying as transgender are not only less likely to be victims of murder than biological women (and far less than men), their small population is well represented among murderers, serial killers and pedophiles.  

The Human Rights Campaign, which meticulously tracks transgender deaths across the country, is conspicuously not tracking them when they commit crimes. But in the UK, analysts found that during the period of 2007-2017, transsexuals were 58% more likely to commit a murder than be murdered. 

Violent Transgender Crime 

In the US, 2018-19 has put a number of transgender murderers in the spotlight. In court, they often state that they are justified in killing others due to bigotry.

In Colorado, a transsexual and its partner shot 9 students at their school, later claiming that they deserved it for their "transphobia." No evidence has been produced so far to substantiate this claim, not that "bullying" would justify taking a gun and murdering a classmate anymore than it did for the Columbine shooters. 

In Maine, another transgender argued that it had to murder both of its parents and the family dog because they did not accept its new gender. Once again, this was unfounded. 

In Maryland, a transgender mass shooter killed three and injured another three before turning the gun on itself.  

In California, a Berkeley trans activist was recently slapped on the wrist with a rarely granted insanity plea for stabbing two women, one to death. 

In Texas, a transgender beat a baby girl to death and is facing the death penalty. 

Painting a full picture regarding the extent of transgender violence has been made difficult due to the fact that the media often omits the "gender identity" of culprits unless it's absolutely necessary or can be used to bolster the prefabricated pro-LGBT party line.

For example, "Mia Williams" in Florida, a balding man with a beard who was being referred to according to his female "gender identity," is being charged with homicide after dousing a woman with gasoline and lighting her on fire, as well as arson for burning down a local church. 

Transgenders Least Likely to be Murdered

Simple math shows that transgenders are less likely to be murdered than normal people. 

According to FBI crime statistics, Americans are victims of homicide at a rate of about 5 per 100,000. For men, the number is 6.6 per 100,000 and for women, 1.8. 

According to gay activist groups, 24 transgenders have been killed in 2019 out of a population of 1.4 million , making their homicide rate 1.7 out of 100,000 - less likely to be killed than the average woman. 

This is a remarkably low number when factoring in the dangerous lifestyle choices transgenders make. Many of them are black men living in zones with murder rates far above the national average. 

For example, 11% of transsexuals are involved in the risky world of prostitution, compared to 6% of average Americans admitting to accepting money or favors for sex. 90% of the 24 dead transgenders are black males. 

The low murder rate transgenders enjoy is thanks to the plethora of specialized public and private employment, health, housing and other services they have in big cities, which average people have no access to.

The media, law enforcement and political class' prioritization of their well-being above everyone else also contributes to this inequality.

The fact that a man is six times less likely to be killed if he takes female hormones and wears women's clothing is proof positive that it's normal people who are in dire need of advocacy.