They're Coming For Tucker Carlson Again. This Time They May Succeed

America's most watched cable news show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, is on the brink of being canceled. 

Carlson, the only high-profile journalist in America who defends and advocates for normal people, has had some of his last few remaining sponsors pull their ads this week over his accurate coverage of the George Floyd race riots.

Jews, leftists and capitalists have boycotted his show due to the belief that he was encouraging frightened and browbeaten white people to fight for their dignity and speak truth to the system. 

Jewish journalist Amy Siskind, reacting to a video of Tucker's June 8th monologue edited into propaganda by Siskind's co-ethnic Marty Baron at the Washington Post, demanded the TV pundit be "put on trial." In post-legal America, this cannot be dismissed as mere hyperbole. 

But there may be more to this story than your typical woke mob cancellation. Hostile elements in the Republican party and even at Fox News want Tucker gone. They can use the "SJWs" as a smoke screen. 

A source familiar with the news channel's affairs told National Justice that Fox News' executive chairman and CEO Lachlan Murdoch wants to avoid "controversy" and is desperate to add genocidal Zionist Ben Shapiro to his nightly lineup.

In an internal memo leaked to the Daily Mail, Murdoch expressed support for anti-white extremist group Black Lives Matter and strongly encouraged Fox News journalists to report favorably on the black and anarchist mobs burning down our cities and lynching random people.  

Pressure is also mounting from Washington conservatives, who are not happy with Tucker's excellent and consistent reporting on their greed and treason. This has taken the form of exposing Paul Singer's vulture-capitalism, questioning the toxic ideas emanating from special-interest group Heritage Foundation, and shining light on the pandemic-profiteers under investigation following his segment.

Tucker's condemnation of prominent Republicans for ignoring their voters and teaming up with the black and anarchist criminals once again drew loud shrieks from the institutional right. 

Last week's segment, blaming Jared Kushner for Trump's failed presidency, is likely to draw the ire of Trump himself. Ann Coulter met a dour fate at Trump's hands when she pushed on Kushner and is now effectively cancelled in Washington.  

In paleo-conservative circles it is popular to blame the president's awful decisions on Kushner, but as Mike Enoch has succinctly put it, if Trump really is having his mind controlled by his son-in-law, he "can't fire Kushner because he will just tell Trump not to fire him." 

Trump defers policymaking to Zionist neo-liberal Jared Kushner because Jewish power brokers, like Sheldon Adelson and Robert Kraft, want it. Kushner was also responsible for bringing anti-Trump Jew donors like Marc Stern and Paul Singer back to the GOP. These American oligarchs have a lot of leverage over Trump through control of his party, which is why he governs like he is the president of Israel.

Two days ago it was reported that Tucker sold his entire stake in The Daily Caller to business partner Neil Patel. Since Tucker's departure, Patel purged all the interesting journalists and columnists and now dedicates The Daily Caller to harmless clickbait garbage. 

It isn't clear if Tucker is cashing out in preparation for being fired, or Patel put pressure on him to sever ties. 

In America Market Stalinism rules. The dilemma Fox executives face is how to get rid of him without his 5-6 million loyal viewers walking. Yesterday, #IStandWithTucker was trending on twitter in spite of the heavy censorship on the platform.

Tucker Carlson, whatever disagreements one may have with him, is a beloved and popular figure. If the majority of this country is left voiceless, it will be Tucker's duty to create a media alternative that will pose an even greater threat to the powers that be.