Texas Maoists Assault Bernie Sanders Campaigner Running for Congress

The Red Guards are at it again. 

Last October, the group of Maoist radicals crashed an "anti-fascist" meeting coordinated by the Democratic Socialists of America and various local anarchists.

Two days ago Heidi Sloan, a DSA hipster running for Congress in Austin, was shoved, egged, and covered in red paint by them in an alley. This came after they managed to disrupt a major DSA canvassing event for Bernie Sanders organized by Sloan.

For outsiders, the feud between Maoists and the DSA/Bernie movement is confusing, but it makes perfect sense when one looks at the class and racial composition of the respective organizations.

The Red Guards are unique among leftist groups due to their ability to recruit non-whites and criminal types who detest the nerdy, effeminate DSA, which is largely composed of affluent cosmopolitans working in the FTE (people who work in finance-technology-electronics) sector, who are broadly white and Jewish. 

There are many more visible blacks in the MAGA movement than in the Bernie Sanders campaign and DSA, who have made the bourgeois obsession with "racism" one of their top issues in the last few years. 

Further driving the antagonism is the DSA's support for the US occupation in Syria, as well as various CIA concocted "regime change" astroturf protests in Lebanon, Hong Kong, Iran, and so on. Most "tankies" like the Red Guards, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Workers World Party are principled anti-imperialists and oppose American meddling everywhere. 

The main issue though is that Maoists reject electoral politics, preferring "protracted people's war," which includes shutting down left-liberals. 

How much further the Red Guards will seek to escalate in Austin remains a mystery. But the left is gradually beginning to fracture. 

History has shown that when anarchists and communists run out of "fascists" and "reactionaries" to attack, they end turning their brutality on one another. Let's see if the liberals at The Intercept and The Guardian think "Nazi-punching" and "milkshaking" are still funny when these violent elements start targeting them.