Sweden: Teenage Nationalist Stabbed to Death While Trying To Stop African Rapist

A 19-year-old Swedish nationalist, identified as Tommie Lindh, died on Sunday after a group of Africans entered a party. 

According to reporting by Nordfront, he suffered immense blood loss after physically intervening to stop a 22-year-old black rapist named Abubaker Mohamed, who during the fight pulled out a knife and stabbed him at the party in Härnösand, a small residential town with little crime. Mohamed then went on to continue his violent rape of a Swedish girl. 

The Sudanese attacker is currently in custody for murder and aggravated rape. Mohamed has a long criminal record related to theft and drugs, as well as a previous conviction for sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 15. It is believed that he is a Swedish citizen. He was tried as a juvenile for these crimes despite being 18-years-old. 

According to his friends, Tommie was a radical Swedish patriot who was involved in the skinhead scene in his last few years of high school and more recently supported Alternative for Sweden. As a man of action, he selflessly confronted injustice in his day to day life, was politically outspoken, and was very protective of his people, especially when immigrant predators inserted into his community by Sweden's corrupt rulers would try and victimize them.  

One of Tommie's comrades, Alexander, wrote a tribute to him on Instagram: 

Tommie, you will be greatly missed beloved comrade. You were of a strong character, you said what you thought even if people hated you for it. You were a strong man and a true fighter for your country. You were my friend and brother. You now take your place among Sweden's true martyrs. Tommie rests now but he was sure the fight would continue, whatever it took. See you in Valhalla Brother!

Friends and family of Tommie Lindh are currently hosting a fundraiser in his memory on Facebook.

Swedish nationalists are drawing attention to the tragedy to protest the government and business class' project to use mass migration to replace natives, with many Swedes being killed or injured in the process.