South Africa: White and South Asian Militias Fight Back As Nation Speeds Towards Civil War and Famine

South Africa's regressive slide into a post-European failed state appears to be complete. 

The nation has been taken over by black rioters in the past few days. The catalyst was the arrest of former President Jacob Zuma, who was arrested earlier this month and sentenced to prison for charges related to his tenure's wave of corruption and public looting from 2009 to 2018. 

Zuma, an anti-white agitator and descendant of Zulus, remains popular in his home province of KwaZulu-Natal, where the violence began. Zuma's African National Congress (ANC) replacement, Cyril Ramaphosa, investigated the former leader for costing the South African government approximately $83 billion dollars in cronyism and self-dealing. 

What started as an internal conflict in the ANC has now sparked black unrest across the country. Some are being organized by Zuma's allies, others are motivated by hunger, and many more simply see an opportunity to loot and murder. So far, at least 70 people have died in the mayhem. 

Ramaphosa's government has been unable to stifle the violence and much of the nation remains totally lawless.

The nation's supply chains for vital necessities have been completely disrupted by looters, including gun stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and shopping malls. Blacks are also destroying trucks, ports, depots and other vital choke points needed to distribute food and fuel in the country, which has made a nation-wide shortage imminent. 45,000 businesses have been destroyed or disrupted in Durban so far. Experts are warning that the country is now on the brink of a completely avoidable famine

With no help in sight, racial minorities such as whites and Indians are taking up arms to defend their homes and families. In contrast to the United States, where the police and FBI imprisoned whites who defended themselves from black attackers during race riots last summer, the dysfunction of the South African state has opened up space for people to fight back. 

A source living through the chaos told National Justice that a small group of whites in Jozini, a settlement in KwaZulu-Natal, were forced to shoot their way out of a crowd of blacks who gathered to lynch them. Afrikaans language sources believe that the whites all made it out alive, but this has not been confirmed. 

In Eschowe, armed white volunteers have not shown reluctance in securing their neighborhood. In a video posted to Twitter by an anti-white activist, at least one rioter apparently died in a gun battle. Whites and Indians have shut off entry into their communities across KwaZulu-Natal, including in the city of Durban. 

Durban Metro Police have taken to social media to complain about people keeping the murderous mobs out of their areas. Just days before, Durban's black police officers were filmed joining in the looting

Though the South African Defense Force has been deployed, another source told National Justice that they had told him that they were only interested in protecting the local lime, titanium and granite mines owned by Jewish and multi-national capitalists. When it came to grocery stores. farms, and private family homes, it was white and Indian civilian patrols who did the bulk of the defending. 

While the rioting is believed to have started fizzling out on its own, the fragile country has endured billions of Rand worth of damage. White and non-black community leaders are warning that the lack of consequences for this wave of rioting only guarantees more of it in the near future.