The United States of South Africa

America's Jewish-owned media is inciting blacks into committing more acts of racially motivated violence against random white people. 

In Spring, Texas, local media reported on a horrific assault caught on tape. A white man was beaten by multiple blacks after asking them not to cut him in line at a convenience store. One of the black attackers yelled "Black Lives Matter, bitch" while kicking him in the face. 

Another video posted by black activist twitter account @Respecttheshoota shows a white man being sucker punched and beaten while shopping in Flint, Michigan. The account celebrates the assault. 

In New York City, a 92-year-old white woman was randomly assaulted by 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage. Brimmage is a registered sex offender who has been arrested 100 times. He has been charged with assault three separate times since February. Reforms to the bail system in New York City means he will likely be soon released back to the street.  

A few conservatives will call attention to black on black violence, which is indeed extreme, but rarely is it reported that approximately 500 white people are murdered by blacks every year in America. The number of blacks who are victims of white homicide is about 230.

In other words, only 6% of black murder victims are killed by white people, while 20% of white people die at the hands of blacks. If anything, whites should be the ones protesting the state for its lack of action over interracial killings. 

While black on white crime has always been a problem, there is now a deliberate effort being made by politicians and prosecutors to punish white people just for defending themselves while letting violent black criminals go. 

In a case yesterday in Virginia, four black bikers were loitering on private property and a white man told them to leave at gunpoint.

Nobody was hurt and the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office admitted that the bikers were on clearly marked private property, yet decided to charge stack the white man with multiple counts of "brandishing a gun." His rifle has been confiscated. 

In an identical case in Virginia with the races reversed, the Shenandoah County Sheriff apologized to a black man who pulled a gun on a group of whites who dumped a refrigerator on his private property for briefly disarming him. The black individual, a pastor, claims the group of whites had "assaulted" and "threatened" him, without providing any evidence.  The local police arrested all five of the whites in question for assault or trespassing, and the Sheriff added more charges under political pressure. He also suspended a number of supervisors who believed the black pastor was wrong for pulling his gun. 

The new normal of institutional racial tyranny in America is that any dispute between a white and black, regardless of the circumstances, means the black will receive extra special treatment from the police while the white will be subject to draconian measures.