Property Ahmaud Arbery Broke Into Had $2,500 Worth of Fishing Equipment Stolen From It

The Ahmaud Arbery narrative has been dealt several blows since the hysteria was first ginned up by the media. There is strong evidence suggesting that Gregory and Travis McMichael were telling the truth when they stated that they recognized Arbery as a serial burglar robbing people in the small and largely white town of Satilla Shores. 

The media has widely reported that there was only one burglary reported to the police between January and February (Arbery was shot on February 23rd) -- a handgun stolen from Travis McMichael himself in early January.

But last week, Larry English, the owner of the property Arbery was filmed breaking into, told the Daily Beast that somebody had stolen $2,500 worth of fishing equipment from his waterside home under construction. He never reported it to the police. 

English appears to be changing his story in a new article by Colby Itkowitz at the Washington Post. He is now parroting the claim made by Lee Merritt, attorney for the Arbery family, that nothing was ever stolen from his property. 

English, who claims to be terminally ill and building the house as part of his bucket list, also added that he and his family are being bombarded with death threats and that they are afraid. A lawyer for the English family put out a statement attacking the McMichaels, stressing that Larry English was not the person who called 911 when Arbery broke into their vacation home on the same day he died while "jogging."

It's not hard to deduce what happened here. The sickly man was having his things stolen so people in the community who heard about it kept an eye out. Now that the system is coming down on the good Samaritans and calling them "racist," Larry English is doing what every good bourgeois does: throwing them under the bus.  

The nightmare might only be starting for the McMichaels. While it is unlikely a jury will convict Travis McMichael of murder for shooting a man filmed punching him while trying to wrestle his gun away, wealthy and famous people like Tom Brady are lobbying the government to pursue them instead on federal charges that are political, rather than criminal. 

Donald Trump's Department of Justice and the FBI are eager to oblige. The FBI has now stuck its nose in the investigation, including of local officials, which powerful people who saw the video on the internet do not believe should've ruled the shooting a justifiable homicide. They are now considering charging the McMichaels with a "hate crime" even though there's no evidence racial animosity played any role whatsoever in the incident.