Prolific "Antifa" Troll Is A Former Federal Contractor and Multi-Millionaire Tech CEO

By day, Chad Loder is a super-millionaire tech capitalist and former federal contractor who led the team that designed cyber security software currently used by US government agencies. 

By night, he is a self-proclaimed anarcho-communist Twitter troll who helps dox working class Trump supporters and provides "mutual aid" to those on the ground beating them up. 

While it may seem like satire, Loder is one of three co-founders of Rapid7, a firm that provides defense technology to numerous governments and bankers around the world.   

Loder started Rapid7 alongside Tas Giakouminakis and Alan Matthews in 2000, where he served as VP of engineering. By 2015, Rapid7's IPO broke the $900 million dollar barrier, earning itself the title of "billion dollar unicorn" in tech media.  

Soon after joining the billion dollar club, Loder left the company to start a new venture, Habitu8, which he seeded with his own money and then elected himself the CEO of. His net worth is not publicly known, but National Justice consulted with an individual familiar with Silicon Valley corporate structures who estimated that his total assets could range from anywhere in the ballpark of $25 million to $100 million. Alan Matthews, another Rapid7 founder, is currently worth $211 million, mostly derived from Rapid7's heavily inflated stock shares. 

Loder, who operates openly under his own name, is no casual liberal. An analysis of his social media and twitter feed shows deep engagement with the communist and anarchist movements behind "Antifa." Loder also traffics heavily in esoteric far-left troll slang like "Chuds," a term first coined by the "Dirtbag Left" podcast Chapo Trap House, whose Reddit board was banned last June for supporting violence and organizing cyber harassment campaigns. The Antifa capitalist even engages in sectarian battles with his numerous Marxist and black critics, often using his large audience of sycophants to mass report them off the internet.    

Loder's extremist beliefs, eagerness to hurt people and support for criminal activity don't seem to reap him any consequences, either on social media or in the business world. Many of Loder's tweets feature him posting images of anarchists committing acts of violence against right-wingers with words of encouragement and support. 

For years now, the American public has been complaining about the Department of Justice and FBI's absolute refusal to prosecute "Antifa" groups. The amount of money and connections to the state its members and supporters wield is the obvious answer. 

A recent Economist report detailed how Black Lives Matter and various affiliated "anti-racist" groups have received $10.6 billion dollars from corporate America and Jewish billionaires since May, prompting many black leaders to ask: where did all that money go?

While millions of blacks suffer from unemployment and face imminent homelessness once the eviction moratorium ends later this month, the money appears to be getting gobbled up by white liberal and Jewish institutions, such as the American Civil Liberties Union. 

The Black Lives Matter movement itself appears to be composed largely of Jewish and white leftists. A June 2020 demographic study of some of BLM's largest chapters found that very few blacks participated in George Floyd rallies over the summer, including in Atlanta (76% white, 18% black), Los Angeles (78% white, 3% black), Minneapolis (85% white, 11% black), and New York (76% white, 14%). 

As Chad Loder and others like him show, both the "anti-fascist" and Black Lives Matter movements are not interested in helping blacks, but virtue signaling to other plutocratic Jews and whites who seem to get their kicks from humiliating, censoring, imprisoning and viciously beating white working people that dare stand up for themselves.

The American left is bourgeois narcissism at its worst.