Poll Finds That 32% of Right-Leaning Adults Agree That "Liberalism Has Equipped Jews To Destroy Institutions"

A survey released last June by the reputable polling firm Morning Consult reveals a drastic increase in public awareness of Jewish power. 

The poll, which was deliberately ignored by the media, showed that 49% of self-described Q Anon believers, 32% of all right-leaning adults, and 8% of left-leaning respondents agreed with the statement that "the rise of liberalism has equipped Jews to destroy institutions, and in turn gain control of the world."

The significant number of people who answered that they had no opinion on the subject, which is clearly articulated, suggests a potential "shyness" bias that for the last two presidential elections hurt the predictability of polls viz-a-viz Donald Trump. 

According to the Zionist Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other Jewish groups, the rise in this awareness is thanks in part to the sudden disappearance of "Q" last December, as well as the mass deplatforming of such accounts and their audiences from Twitter and Facebook.

Q promoters and their audiences, following their migration to Telegram and other more free speech oriented social media platforms, are interacting with information critical of Jewish overrepresentation. 

The ADL's aggressive censorship and their work in having a large part of the American population deemed "domestic terrorists" to be crushed by the federal government is appearing to backfire. The increased viciousness of Jewish organizations in recent years suggests that polls like the above may only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to public opinion.