Philadelphia: White People Who Want COVID Vaccine Are Being Turned Away For Their Race

The city of Philadelphia is deliberately denying its white residents access to COVID vaccinations. 

A city worker told National Justice that the City Council and Mayor's office rejected offers to use the Lincoln Financial Field as a vaccination site solely due to concerns that more white people might get it than blacks. To prevent this from happening, the municipality has tasked an NGO called the Black Doctor's COVID Consortium (BDCC) to distribute vaccinations based on race rather than need. 

While it makes scientific sense to reserve vaccines for the elderly and sick, there is no evidence to suggest blacks are more biologically susceptible to COVID than whites. The BDCC has opened up vaccination facilities almost exclusively in majority black neighborhoods. White people have been traveling to these dangerous areas in hopes of receiving the shot, only to be turned away and shamed for even trying. The source told us that this is despite the fact that BDCC only advertises availability of treatment through black-oriented channels. 

Refusing medical help to an individual solely due to their race is a violation of both established medical ethics and federal Civil Rights law. While some whites have been served by the Black Doctor's Consortium, the group announced yesterday that it would start aggressively blacklisting sign ups from white neighborhoods and suburbs

Previously, the city was using a group of university students called Philly Fighting COVID to distribute vaccines. The latter organization came under fire for opening up facilities in white working class neighborhoods like Fishtown, as well as an allegation that PFC's leader was bringing home vaccines for his family and friends. The city council then pressured the Mayor Jim Kenney to break his agreement with PFC and give the rights to BDCC instead.  

Fewer than 50% of Americans are interested in taking the COVID vaccine, citing its new RNA altering mechanism and the fact that it was rushed to market. For blacks, only 25% surveyed said they would take it. 

For this reason, it is likely that vaccines will remain unused or wasted in Philadelphia because those who want it are being racially discriminated against.

While there is little reason for a healthy young person of any race to get the vaccine, the precedent set must be challenged on principle. If anti-white activism is institutionalized in medicine, what is to stop whites from facing discrimination while waiting for organ transplants or emergency room treatment?