Patriot Front Covers USA in Flyers

The following was sent by a member of Patriot Front to National Justice :

On the weekend of September 27th, Patriot Front (PF) visited over 250 college campuses and placed an estimated 3,000 pieces of promotional material in the form of posters, stickers, and flyers. The action evidently surpassed the original goal of 120 campuses.

The action gathered an unusual amount of publicity in the week leading up to the planned date of events when it was published by several Antifa accounts that PF would be conducting the action that weekend. The information leak was limited in scope, and the Marxist commentators were forced to be reactionary in following PF's social media timeline, phoning the police about the materials, as well as college executives to account for their lack of physical reach. Due to the greater extent of coverage the action received, and the limits of the information breach, whether or not it was intentional remains to be seen.
Even with time to prepare, the stunted reaction of the neoliberal, self proclaimed revolutionaries exhibits the limits of their ability to mobilize when clear and present targets are not presented. The reliance upon police departments and college institutions is also made increasingly evident by the series of events.

The slander from the controlled media is little different than the venom spewed by Antifa on their corporate-backed Twitter pages. Local news outlets and campus rags alike spun into action to enter a race to print the most falsifiable claims feasible to appease their rabid, un-American, detached readers.

Other Media On The Actions:
Police Investigate After Racist Stickers From White National Police investigate after racist stickers from white nationalist group found on WWU campus [VIDEO
Hate group recruitment posters found around northwest Washington “The group, called Patriot Front, has been been described as having white nationalist beliefs. Now, recruiting posters purportedly for the group are showing up in northwest Washington.”
White supremacist group's stickers posted around College of Charleston as national campus campaign ramps up “Stickers promoting an organization identified as a white nationalist hate group were posted around the College of Charleston campus over the weekend as the group was reportedly coordinating a national campaign targeting universities with propaganda for the fascist hate group.” archives/2019/10/01/white-supremacist-groups-stickers-posted-around-college-of-charleston-asnational-campus-campaign-ramps-up
WWU alerts students, staff about hate group posters on campus “University Police are investigating the incident involving posters placed on campus Sunday by the group Patriot Front, said WWU spokesman Paul Cocke.”
Neo-nazi group’s stickers appear on SCSU campus “Stickers from the neo-nazi organization, Patriot Front, were posted on the St. Cloud State University campus Monday (Sept. 30).“ rs-appear-on-scsu-campus/
White supremacist group plasters ASU, Grand Canyon University campuses with stickers in recruitment push
“White supremacist group Patriot Front posted stickers advertising their group at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus and Grand Canyon University’s Phoenix campus as part of a nationwide push by the group to recruit members over the weekend.”
‘It pollutes our campus’: White supremacy named terror threat “The remnants of the sticky residue left from the removal of the Patriot Front stickers remain on the on-campus busts of social activist figures like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Benito Juarez.”
SIGNS OF HATE  “Students began classes this week at Western Washington University under dark clouds after posters representing the white nationalist group Patriot Front were discovered plastered on light poles and walls around campus.”
WWU investigates, condemns white nationalism “University Police are investigating after the stickers and posters for Patriot Front, a white nationalist group, were found Monday and the university is on “heightened alert” for more.”