Oregon: Liberals Celebrate Police Brutality Against Peaceful Protesters In Salem

After spending the whole summer calling for abolishing the police and supporting deadly anarchist rioters, prominent left-liberal commentators are suddenly cheering on displays of violence by the Salem police department against right-wing groups. 

A coalition made up of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys and other patriotic groups went to the State Capitol to call on Oregon Governor Kate Brown to lift COVID restrictions and re-open the economy. The rally comes days after Mitch McConnell and numerous Senate Democrats refused to vote on a $2,000 relief check to financially desperate families -- a bill backed by Bernie Sanders, Josh Hawley and Donald Trump.  

The rally was largely peaceful until police began inserting armed "Antifa" members to antagonize and threaten right-wing protesters. The event was then declared unlawful, and police began beating, tear gassing and tossing flash bangs into the groups of American flag waving patriotic groups. Scores of confused demonstrators were arrested. 

On Twitter, left-wing figures expressed sexual ecstasy at the display of state violence. "Cops being aggressive with the Proud Boys might be my new kink," said Washington Post commentator Holly Figueroa O'Reilly, who just last September said police officers were to blame for the violence that was engulfing our cities. 

Failed Congressional candidate Mark Judson reiterated the sentiment, "Proud Boys -- My Guess [....] After Trump* is out - you're fresh out of friends in the Government. Spring is coming - and with it, no knock warrants." No knock warrants are a controversial practice by militarized-police that surprise subjects. The states of Oregon, Virginia and Florida ban the practice due to the high probability of violence occurring during unannounced raids.  

Former Wall Street executive turned gay Jewish activist Amy Siskind also shared images from Salem and indulged fantasies of a police crackdown against Trump supporters, calling it "A taste of what's to come."  

The combination of COVID lockdowns with lack of state support are causing enormous pain on working people. The two major "liberal" media outlets, the New York Times and the Washington Post, are supporting Republican budget hawks in their opposition to providing people making less than $75,000 a year with a $2000 subsidy. At the same time, liberal elites are responding to calls from desperate people to lift COVID restrictions and allow economic activity in lieu of a negligent government with state violence. 

As commentator Michael Peinovich has observed, whatever the merits of COVID and the lockdowns as a way to contain it, working people simply cannot financially afford to believe the pandemic is real. A Pew survey from July found that 25% of Americans believe there is merit to conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic.

With neo-liberal pundits switching from supporting rioters who destroy small businesses and kill people to encouraging the police to brutalize peaceful demonstrators, it's no wonder so many people refuse to believe anything our elites tell us.