Warrren 2020: Astroturfing the Grassroots

"Hillary’s private position is now Warren’s public campaign."

The 2016 electoral shenanigans inside the Democratic National Convention left Monica Lewinsky style bitterness in the mouths of Bernie Bros.

Bernie or Busters boycotted the neo-liberal Clinton for Jill Stein’s Green Party (or the Netflix and Pizza party), snatching defeat from the clutches of victory.

Coming up in 2020, they have emerged from the lab with a new scheme: Elizabeth Warren!

Astroturfing the Grassroots

Warren has made a big show out of her rejection of PAC money and Wall Street donors. Being seen eating from this pig trough hurt Hillary more than Bill ever did.

But don’t be fooled by Warren’s theatrics on banks, when push comes to shove she ends up tossing them Lesbian Softball pitches down the middle. Warren personally oversaw the TARP bailouts, where she applied a few slaps on the wrist while 10 million Americans lost their homes. She has never turned away money from corporate lawyers and finance-capitalists when running for Senate. In fact, she used $10.4 million of this dirty money to give her presidential bid a head start.  

It’s baffling how Warren has credibility with socialists and communists at all, seeing as she campaigned ferociously for Hillary in 2016 while honest leftists like Tulsi Gabbard resigned from their chairmanship at the DNC to fight for Bernie.

How is she raising so much money so quickly while aping Bernie in skipping the big fundraisers ?  

A sleight of hand.

The Warren campaign’s treasurer, Paul “PAC man” Egerman, is an infamous and sought after Jewish money-bundler who is well-connected and active in a number of Zionist causes.

Liz’s connection to Egerman may explain her curious concern with the impact minority birth rates are having on racial demographics...in Israel

Watch dogs believe that Warren (as well as other candidates) is able to mask the total influence of ruling class money by using the bundling method so that her campaign looks organic and non-JMO (Jewish Money Operation).

Looking at data that is available, Warren trails Bernie significantly when it comes to the number of contributions under $200.

Furthermore, her “No PAC money” pledge is only good for the primary season. Warren will take be attending all kinds of Wall Street fundraisers once Bernie is soundly defeated and she’s runnning in the general election. 

While Warren may look like she’s playing hard-to-get with the boys at Goldman, they’re ready to start writing checks. Investment bankers, hedgefund men and other crooks have insider knowledge we goys don't have. They’re comfortable with backing Warren if she’s the nominee, which means her promises to "take on" the banks is Impossible Meat for the Democratic base.  

“Oh Granny, What Big Teeth  You’ve Got!”

J-left group think on social media, many who claim to be Bernie fans, has cleared a potential minefield for Warren by canceling the anti-war left. These entities, like Ben Norton, Jimmy Dore, Abby Martin, and Rania Khalek endure corporate censorship on social media and are more or less blacklisted from influential "radical" left-wing media platforms. 

If you support national sovereignty and the legitimate government of Syria against Islamists, Israel and CIA agents, you will be called a NazBol or Strasserist. Journalists such as Glenn Greenwald, Michael Tracey, or the staff at The Grayzone, as well as anti-war candidates like Tulsi Gabbard have been smeared, bullied and cheated by thinly veiled Zionists and their liberal pawns. Albeit a minor protest candidate, most of the big "socialist" magazines like The Jacobin have joined oligarch media in running attacks on Tulsi in advance to inoculate leftists against supporting her common sense campaign.  

The deepening relationship between the anarchist/socialist left and agents of the kleptocrat owned media has led to the Jacobin cheerleading neo-con directed and endorsed intelligence operations in Hong Kong and deferring to pro regime change think-tank mercenaries like Joseph Daher on Syria.

Even Noam Chomsky, a supposed critic of American military intervention, has outed himself as a fraud by coming out in support of the US military occupation to protect the Kurdish imperialist proxy army.  

In a different time the anti-war left could've been a barrier for Warren. Today, the best they can hope for is a 30 second segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Their detractors aren’t wrong: the anti-war energy today is deep in the nationalist camp. Under the reactionary doctrine of “anti-fascism,” adherents’ only guiding principle is to always do the opposite of what the “Nazis” are doing, regardless if its correct.

The newfound alliance of Judeo-leftists with neo-cons, exemplified by the hiring of Jewish Marxist Molly Jong-Fast at Israeli super-racist Bill Kristol’s Bulwark, has had wider ramifications on the political spectrum. Republican voters today are more likely to oppose foreign interventions than Democrats! 

Here, Warren can breath a sigh of relief. Her Senate record on foreign interventions is abysmal. How curious that few “socialists” today are willing to dismiss Warren for helping engineer a man-made famine in Venezuela in pursuit of (failed) regime change. Trump’s olive branch towards North Korea - one of the few positive achievements of his presidency - was met with a nagging Warren. The majority of Koreans North and South want an official end to the conflict yet this does not factor into Warren’s position. 

So far no contender garnered the will to target Warren’s poor record on wasting our money and time creating civil conflicts and refugee crises around the world. Presidents in America have very little power outside of foreign policy, and here Warren is even worse than Trump. With the populist-left compromised and its sapped corpse, Bernie Lomax 2020, acquiescing to Silicon Valley and Wall Street by repeating “No borders! Take away white people’s First Amendment! More trannies!” Hillary’s private position is now Warren’s public campaign.

A stroke of genius!