Op-Ed: Scant Media Coverage of "The Base" Leadership Tells You Everything You Need to Know

Go on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website, and you will find all types of irrelevant crap. 

Stephen Miller once read a Vdare article. Borderline defamatory out of context quotes painting yours truly as some kind of baby eating monster. A guy who retweeted another guy, who knows a guy who might be racist. Their latest crusade is a six month harassment campaign against an officer at the State Department's Bureau of Energy Resources, who they claim...wait for it...once allegedly let Katie McHugh organize a David Irving talk in his presence.  

Yet totally missing from the supposed top surveiller of "hate" in America is any mention of "Norman Spear"/"Roman Wolf", revealed four days ago as Rinaldo Nazzaro, the alleged leader of what is supposed to be the most violent and extreme "white supremacist domestic terrorist" group in modern US history who has extensive ties to the CIA and FBI. The only mention of "The Base" coming out of the SPLC is a tweet from November 2018, linking to an article in Vice. 

This news, broken by antifa adjacent fanatic Jason Wilson at The Guardian four days ago, was reported on briefly then almost totally dropped. According to Wilson, Nazzarro is the principal of a private intelligence firm, Omega Solutions International (OSI), which was actively doing business until late 2019. OSI specializes in counter-terrorism, psychological operations, counter insurgency and more. The company also had a CAGE number, proving that they are active. They have ritzy offices in expensive centers of power in Washington DC and Manhattan. 

Such a story, even if inaccurate, would normally warrant a massive press investigation, yet the federal government has made no official statement on its relationship with Nazzaro, nor is anyone asking!

From the looks of it, Wilson and his anarchist friends have accidentally undermined the powerful. Unlike their low stakes rat races with podcasters or Andy Ngo, this is relevant, as they may have accidentally exposed a high up intelligence operation and/or honeypot in the middle of entrapping vulnerable young white men to construct a "Nazi terrorist" narrative used to further erode our civil liberties. Many members of The Base left early on, suspecting the whole time that they were being set up. 

According to the BBC, The Base's leader was living in St Petersburg, Russia, in a property he bought in July 2018, the same month Harold Covington of the Pacific Northwest Front died and The Base, its supposed heir, started coming onto the scene on Twitter.

What is interesting about Nazzaro is that he often sported shirts and materials promoting Vladimir Putin in his videos in a very hamfisted way. This is unusual, as the pool of "Siege" fans he was trying to fish in are almost unanimously pro-Azov Battalion and very hostile to Russia and Putin, due to the idiosyncracies of the subculture on the website of origin Iron March (where Atomwaffen Division was founded). Nobody appears to be pressing the Russian government nor has there been any diplomatic fallout.   

A number of theories have emerged suggesting that the CIA or FBI may have been planning to use The Base for an actual terrorist attack that they could then blame on Russia and use as an excuse to crackdown on genuine political dissidents. Seeing the collapse of respect for civil liberties from the FBI, whether its their Russia hoax infiltration of the Trump campaign in 2016 to countless setups of nationalists since then, nothing is too absurd or evil to be true. 

What is confirmed, according to the FBI's battery of associated firearms related, ginned up murder conspiracies, and immigration violation arrests, is that intelligence operatives were following every single member, meticulously saving every encrypted chat, and placing cameras filming every move (including inside the apartments of Base suspects), only to come up with truly underwhelming results. 

On Telegram, the channel purporting to belong to The Base has been defaced by its own admin, who claims to have been an Antifa infiltrator the whole time. The Base has been leaking for a year now due to the massive presence of undercover FBI agents, journalists and anarchists, who at this point appear to have outnumbered actual sincere members. 

There may be a perfectly rational explanation for all of this independent of intelligence operations (at least at the top) 

But looking at how indifferent all the Jew political correctors have been in the wake of this news, who would've loved for the FBI to continue setting up innocent people to keep the white terrorist narrative alive, we can only conclude that they knew and possibly even provided logistical support. 

Hopefully the lawyers of men accused of belonging to The Base will press the issue and expose all the government operatives involved in this potential scandal.