Op-Ed: I'm Suing the City of Charlottesville

The Dissident Movement that showed up for Unite The Right was a miracle‭; ‬a grassroots political uprising with absolutely no elite interest,‭ ‬wealthy benefactors,‭ ‬or foreign backers.‭

UTR was what every synthetic‭ “‬color revolution‭”‬ pretends to be‭; ‬a mass‭ ‬of men and women brought together by a common vision with a common cause of securing a better future for themselves and their future generations.

We stood against corporations that tried to censor and deplatform us at every turn,‭ ‬scrambling from one Airbnb reservation to another as Big Tech oligarchs in Silicon Valley worked overtime to shut it down.‭ ‬We stood against a corporate media that entirely abandoned journalistic ethics in favor of becoming naked propagandists for their Permanent Washington regime.‭ ‬We stood against the single largest assembly of antifa radicals in American history,‭ ‬armed with their pepper spray,‭ ‬bottles,‭ ‬improvised flamethrowers,‭ ‬and rifles.

And we won.

Against everybody‭’‬s calculations,‭ ‬including my own,‭ ‬we held our permitted ground‭ ‬without a single major injury or arrest,‭ ‬despite the City of Charlottesville and its police force conspiring to instigate a lethal riot.‭ ‬Our plan worked,‭ ‬with our highly trained and disciplined shield wall teams creating a perimeter that proved impregnable by antifa.

It was at that point that the police actively interfered with our event.‭ ‬Things were calming down,‭ ‬but that‭’‬s not what the City of Charlottesville wanted.‭ ‬They clearly and directly ordered us to stampede into the antifa mob.‭ ‬We attempted to return to the parking garage that the City of Charlottesville had promised us was a‭ “‬safe space,‭”‬ where several of our guys were ambushed and bludgeoned under the direct supervision of the local police.

Absolutely every single one of the injuries and the tragic death occurred because the Charlottesville Police Department executed a deliberate plan to stage a bumfight.‭ ‬This was not on account of negligence,‭ ‬lack of foresight,‭ ‬or bad luck.‭ ‬The decisions and orders made by the police were clearly and directly aimed at a specific political outcome:‭ ‬denying us our protected speech in their town.

City of Charlottesville:‭ ‬Plan A

Antifa radicals would outnumber and defeat the Right,‭ ‬chasing them out of town as the local,‭ ‬state,‭ ‬and federal police looked on.

This plan didn‭’‬t work,‭ ‬as we managed to achieve a solid perimeter around our event.‭ ‬Things were beginning to calm down,‭ ‬and the organizing were looking toward improvising a speaking platform.

City of Charlottesville:‭ ‬Plan B

Police would declare a‭ “‬State of Emergency‭”‬ and order the shield walls to disperse.‭ ‬Then antifa radicals would defeat the Right,‭ ‬chasing them out of town as the local,‭ ‬state,‭ ‬and federal police looked on.

This plan worked,‭ ‬to an extent.‭ ‬As several organizers,‭ ‬including myself,‭ ‬tried to communicate‭ ‬with the police to arrive at a safe exit strategy,‭ ‬they went into riot formation and drove us directly into the antifa mob.‭ ‬From the very beginning,‭ ‬they rejected crowd control best practices in favor of their malicious scheme.

City of Charlottesville:‭ ‬Plan C

Police would lopsidedly enforce the‭ “‬State of Emergency,‭”‬ ensuring that‭ triumphant bands of Leftists would‭ “‬take the streets.‭”‬ The police actively hunted down the Right,‭ ‬and only the Right.‭ ‬I,‭ ‬myself,‭ ‬was arrested and detained for being in violation while trying to stake out a vantage point to assist with coordinating our retreat.

The legal theory behind a‭ “‬State of Emergency‭”‬ is that the mayhem is dangerous to everybody,‭ ‬regardless of political affiliation.‭ ‬Their decision to get clever,‭ ‬for the police‭ ‬to allow and encourage the Leftist mobs‭ (‬and only Leftist mobs‭) ‬to remain roving around,‭ ‬proved fatal.

City of Charlottesville:‭ ‬Plan D

We‭’‬re in Plan D,‭ ‬and have been for a couple years now.‭ ‬It‭’‬s leveraging hysterical media bias and superior legal maneuvering to sweep the truth and accountability under the rug.‭ ‬DeAndre Harris,‭ ‬the hoodlum who was running around bludgeoning us with a flashlight,‭ ‬became a civil rights martyr and those who drove him out of the garage we were ordered to retreat to became convicted felons.‭ ‬The young man whose car was being menaced by armed gangs training their rifles on him and striking his car with bats became a comic book villain who had planned for months to panic and drive his car into one of the mobs blocking traffic.

The Final Charlottesville Offensive

We are suing the bastards.‭ ‬We‭’‬re also being sued,‭ ‬of course.‭ ‬A discovery firm is currently combing through the TradWorker server and my communications from around the time to find proof of my‭ “‬conspiracy‭”‬ to bring mob violence to the event.‭ ‬Instead of a diabolical plot,‭ ‬all they have is exonerating evidence that we took every single step to try to ensure a safe and successful event both before and during it.

If we can keep our lawyer above water,‭ ‬we‭’‬ll be able to turn the discovery tables,‭ ‬proving what‭’‬s common knowledge:‭ ‬Charlottesville lethally endangered its citizenry with a plan to deny us our civil rights.‭ ‬Don‭’‬t take my word for it.‭ ‬Review their latest‭ ‬filing in the ongoing case,‭ ‬cornered into arguing that the government and its police have no accountability to protect anybody‭’‬s First Amendment rights‭!

Of course,‭ ‬they didn‭'t only fail to protect our rights,‭ ‬they actively conspired with the leftists in affirmatively denying our rights.‭ ‬Discovery and deposition will prove this.‭ ‬A victory in this case will give us what we need to challenge the media‭’‬s official narrative,‭ ‬the money we need to recover,‭ ‬and the case law‭ ‬we need to remain politically active in America.

And don‭’‬t be blackpilled on the bias.‭ ‬Even if the local judges kick this back,‭ ‬we have a very strong appellate case.‭ ‬Bear in mind that while the federal government isn‭’‬t going to openly side with us,‭ ‬they are not pleased with the immature and irresponsible behavior of the City of Charlottesville.‭ ‬They know that if there‭’‬s not a consequence for leveraging the police to stage bumfights,‭ ‬both right-wing and left-wing cities alike will rely on that precedent to‭ ‬shut down any and every event they don‭’‬t like.

Do or Die

The miracle that brought us to Charlottesville has also been our undoing.‭ ‬We didn‭’‬t have the infrastructure,‭ ‬resources,‭ ‬elite support,‭ ‬and legal network in place that astroturf operations like antifa‭ ‬and TPUSA enjoy.‭ ‬We absolutely can build all of these things up,‭ ‬and are working to do so,‭ ‬but we need all hands on deck.

We need comprehensive legal support for the RAM defendants,‭ ‬prisoner support for the men who didn‭’‬t receive competent counsel during their trials,‭ ‬and a mature and deliberate defensive and offensive strategy in the ongoing legal work relating to Charlottesville.‭ ‬It‭’‬s not enough to win in the street,‭ ‬which we decisively did.‭ ‬We must also fight and win in the courtroom,‭ ‬the classroom,‭ ‬and‭ ‬the boardroom.

We‭’‬re in uncharted waters with this work.‭ ‬There is no rich guy or shadowy foreign benefactor who‭’‬s going to bail us out.‭ ‬We White Dissidents are truly on our own here.‭ ‬We certainly can prevail,‭ ‬but only if you put as much heart into it as the men who risked it all to make a stand for you.‭ ‬The Battle of Charlottesville isn‭’‬t over,‭ ‬and I‭’‬m asking you to‭ ‬join me on the shield wall of the legal fight.