Op-Ed: Yes Rabbi, the Impossible Burger is a Conspiracy Against White Working People

The Jewish Telegraph Agency published an opinion piece today framing a podcast I co-host with Mike Enoch, Strike and Mike, as a more urgent threat to Jews than the rash of blacks stabbing and beating Hasids in Brooklyn. 

The author, Rabbi Avi Shafran, quotes a segment we did on the well-funded astroturfed fad, the Impossible Burger, and the Jewish role in the neo-liberal push to use global warming claims to put the burden of climate-austerity on the consumption habits of working people in largely white, Western nations. 

Shafran dismissed this as a paranoid conspiracy theory, even though we never claimed Jews were the only people involved. Then again, the same Rabbi dismissed Jewish abuse-victims decrying the crisis of child molestation and subsequent systematic coverups in the Orthodox community as conspiracy theorists as well!  

Here we see an interesting feature in the Jewish intelligentsia's phony moral panic about “anti-Semitism”: they aren’t concerned with people assaulting them or vandalizing their property. They’re mad at the idea that white people are politically asserting themselves in the face of a privileged and corrupt Jewish oligarchy and demanding at least some input over the future of our lands.   

While the Rabbi waves away any concern about blacks attacking Jews and their property, the Anti-Defamation League fiendishly cheered when a 21-year-old white man was sentenced to three years in prison after an undercover federal agent talked him and his girlfriend into spray painting a Swastika outside a Synagogue (courts found $700 dollars in damage, and that's a high estimate).

Their obsession lies with suppressing political ideas and terrorizing the white public using their community's special partnership with the American Cheka (FBI), not criminal acts against Jews. 

The War on Meat-Eating 

Vegetarian and vegan alternatives to meat are nothing new. Many people choose to consume these products for ethical or health reasons, and that is their right. 

There is only an issue when technocratic ghouls begin pushing austerity through the back door by suggesting turning meat and dairy products into sin-taxxed luxury items in the name of fighting climate change.

This is no conspiracy theory, it is documented in depth by Elaine Graham-Leigh in her 2015 book, A Diet of Austerity. Graham-Leigh, not a Nazi but a Marxist, meticulously documents why billionaires and neo-liberal think-tanks they fund would much rather place the blame for environmental degradation on ordinary people who have to drive to work and enjoy the simple pleasure of a hamburger instead of big business.  

Critics, in other words, believe the world's robber barons are pouring billions into climate change think-tanks with the long-term goal of extracting more wealth upwards by lowering our living standards even further. The green figleaf is their cover. 

One of the most prominent contemporary global warming promoters, the Jew Lord Stern, argued exactly for this in 2009, by proclaiming that meat-eating should be demonized and treated like drunk-driving. And while another crusader against "cheap meat," Jonothon Porritt, may not be Jewish, he has been elected to lead climate lobbying by the major institution's representing the Jewish community in Britain. 

Which brings us to Impossible Foods Inc and its overnight partnership with numerous fast food capitalists.  

The zealot behind the "Impossible Burger," Patrick Brown, is not a Jew, but his start-up was valued at $2 billion dollars before any appreciable number of faux-burgers were even sold. 

That over-the-top market valuation is thanks in large part to "philanthropic" investments from financial heavy-hitters, like the Jews at Google and Dustin Moskovitz's Open Philanthropy Project.

Their interest seems strange at first, plant-based meat-alternatives have been around for decades and are a small market. The choice to invest without regard for profit is really an endorsement of the plan Brown openly talks about: fully replacing all meat products by 2035

On the Open Philanthropy Project's page on Impossible Foods, we see specific approval for Brown's tyrannical agenda. Their money, an unknown amount thanks to Impossible Foods staying private, is specifically earmarked for "R&D," with a special interest in accelerating towards Brown's end-goal and replacing chicken products as well. 

Putting aside concerns about the myriad of potential deleterious health effects the GMO soy-based Impossible frankenburger can cause, there is no evidence that phasing out or banning the public's access to meat will do much to help the environment.

The Facts On Carbon Emissions 

Climate researcher Bjorn Lomborg, who believes in climate change but disagrees with neo-liberals on how to address warming, has found that 80% of carbon emissions come from modern amenities we take for granted like heating, electricity and transportation. A vegetarian diet would cut individual carbon emissions by a paltry 2%

Solutions that do not get much attention, like reducing air travel with high-speed magnetic trains like the ones being constructed in China, would do much more. It would also require increasing taxes on the wealthy to pay for it. 

Reductions in immigration to industrialized white countries, reversing the global trend towards mass urbanization and encouraging family planning in Africa and Asia would drastically aid the environment and reduce carbon emissions. Jewish Israelis can contribute by reducing the developed world's highest birth rate

Yet the same people claiming to be concerned with climate change also aggressively support transplanting the entirety of the non-white world into European majority nations, most who tend to settle in big overcrowded cities.

Moskovitz's very same Open Philanthropy Project has a whole section of its fund (which has billions at its disposal) dedicated to keeping America's borders wide open against the will of the majority.  

There are indeed despicable Gentile capitalists involved in this revolt of the elites and they were equally condemned in the Strike & Mike episode, but just like William F. Buckley transformed the American right into the joke it has become using Norman Podhoretz's money, evil nerds like Patrick Brown would be eccentrics plotting fruitless Pinky & The Brain conspiracies without the financing of Dustin Moskovitz, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Let's not get into the active product-promotion of Impossible's crap by the Jewish media monopoly.

When looking at what the disproportionately Jewish elite chooses to finance and promote, it looks more like a war on working class people of European descent than it does any kind of environmental stewardship. 

Perhaps the Rabbi is right, and it is my simple goyish peasant instinct filling logical gaps when I see something that just doesn't feel right. The hard evidence for common knowledge is often everywhere except the numbers. But many goyish peasants intuitively knew there was something off with the last generation of Jewish elites sponsoring feminism, via prominent Jews such as Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. They claimed to be fighting for women to have the choice of working or being stay-at-home moms. 

The outcome of course was the two-income trap, where women are forced to work to survive even though they would rather raise their children. The only winners are capitalist exploiters and Jewish social engineers, whose interests largely overlap. Motherhood has become a prohibitive luxury. 

Which brings me to the conclusion: it is not a conspiracy to believe Jewish hatred of Western man and the megalomaniacal urge to slap down serf's talking back informs many of the decisions leaders in their community make. 

Rabbi Shafran personifies it with his demand to mobilize against a nationalist podcast banned from every corporate platform and behind a paywall at the expense of addressing actual violence against Jews by blacks.