Op-Ed: When The Left Gave Up On Blacks

I had a recent discussion with a friend regarding the motives of upper class non-Jewish white left-liberals -- the Second Estate of the American Oligarchic Realm -- in their support for psychotic causes like "defund the police." 

A dispute arose regarding the intellectual vector for their brainwashing. Putting aside institutional incentives, my opponent stated that they are morally arrested by a belief that blacks and whites are the same but skin color. If only we could enlighten them on scientifically proven IQ disparities, they will change their minds, this person said. 

But is this true? 

Let's drill into the core of what they are actually saying: treating all races as equal puts blacks at a fundamental disadvantage in advanced Western societies. The white noise of post-hoc rationalization is irrelevant here. Ultimately, "white allies" must solve this problem by practicing Kipyardian stewardship, in conjunction with erasing meritocracy to lower objective standards so blacks can meet them.

When it comes to mass migration, the left has completely divorced itself from Soviet-era third world nationalism in favor of transplanting the whole populations of the non-white world to the liberal-capitalist West. Most talk of African development -- including potential radical alternatives like the socialism of Julius Nyerere -- has been suspended in favor of bringing millions and billions to white countries to live off welfare or menial jobs.

The logical inference of this , conscious or not, is that groups like negroes, mesoamericans and certain Arabs are incapable of building functional, self-sufficient states. The white man, through open borders, is morally obligated to return to his historic paternalistic role of baby-sitting black and brown people, even if it means pain and suffering for the white working and middle class. 

To bolster this point, white liberals, speaking to in-group bourgeois sensibility, have been trying to link "black lives matter" with animal rights as a single, unified struggle. 

The tone deaf equivocation of "anti-speciesism" and "anti-racism" -- where the equality is based on the low bar of being sentient and having a face rather than functional potential -- by left-wing whites has provoked rage among certain self-styled leaders of black groups. Many white leftists appear on some level to acknowledge the tragedy of inequality between races and species of living creatures and process this by attempting to abolish logical categories upon which order and justice is predicated.

Releasing blacks back into the wild by allowing their urban enclaves to become jungles, like you would a lost animal that finds itself digging through a suburban trash can, underwrites the impulse of white supporters of abolishing criminal law and its enforcement. The existence of police and punishing criminals for crime psychologically tortures blacks, advocates say. The fact that blacks are far more likely to kill whites than the reverse, more likely to kill one another, and more likely to kill rather than be killed by police, who in turn are more likely to kill an unarmed white man in an encounter, has long been common knowledge among elite academics currently protesting to abolish police and prisons.  

The lives of black children killed by stray or targeted bullets in gang wars, or the large minority of blacks who go to work and try to do the right thing but are trapped in their homes as prisoners due to crime, never factors into the white leftist equation. The assumption from white leftists, which is not  entirely wrong from an empirical racialist point of view, is that blacks are as a group simply incapable of obeying the white man's idea of law and order, and so it must be abolished so that they can be "freed." Just like a zoo animal whose spirit suffers from being physically confined by a strict and artificial regiment being taken back to the jungle.

The tradition of environmental conservation, which is predicated on non-intervention of human logic over natural and animal life (unless it is only humane and very restricted, like caring for an injured animal or preserving an endangered species), is strong here. 

Bourgeois whites see blacks as existing within the range of either mentally disabled children all the way to wild animals impossible to domesticate. This is how policy proposals like "helping" minority communities via socialized investment in drug dealer startups starts to make sense. 

This is all distinct from the Jews and capitalists -- George Soros, Margarita Rubalcava Schulman, Dustin Moskowitz, The Ford Foundation, etc. -- who fund and ideologically lead fake black groups. Their goal is to use violence and anarcho-tyranny to permanently suppress the collective threat to their plutocratic hegemony: white people working together. 

But the white left continues to move the goalpost on what it wants for blacks to where it's at today because it is giving up on blacks ever matching whites, thus the only way to achieve "equality" is the full abolition of European concepts of merit, ability and good character. Sincere leftists and racialists, both who typically value materialistic investigation, fundamentally agree that the human races are irreconcilably different. The difference is that leftists believe white people should feel guilty for being born with higher intelligence and dedicate this bounty to bettering the lives of blacks.

The irony of this current racial moment is that the only people still pretending blacks and whites are the same are conservatives. They are accepting fake and baseless grievances while tepidly insisting that rioting and killing is going too far. They want the Judeo-left and blacks to be more like Martin Luther King, whose movement was even more violent than "Black Lives Matter." They are using their idiotic right-liberal ideological prism to try and give meaning to black nihilism.  

One "gotcha" that fits with conservative ideology is to bring up the fact that Margaret Sanger advocated for aborting blacks for eugenic reasons, and that blacks abort their children at much higher rates than whites. Her mission is being accomplished. 

While there are many ethical dilemmas related to abortion and racial eugenics, the white conservatives who pretend to be upset at the high abortion rate of blacks would be looking to flee America if their population today was 20% instead of 13%.  

On neither the right or the left is it allowed, even for grassroots black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, to suggest granting blacks independence and self-determination to live by whatever standards and values they see fit, as long as it is enshrined that white areas reserve the same right.

Of course, such a common sense solution would contradict Washington soft power, which is currently using black populations and English-speaking bourgeois bohemians imported to the capitals of neo-liberal states in its white sphere of influence as weapons to bolster the Zionist empire as its ideological sway wanes. 

t's identical to what Mao did with the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, which followed his resignation under pressure in 1959, or what global Jewry provided support for in France during the May '68 riots, which was really a coup against anti-American French populist Charles De Gaulle.  

At the end of my discussion with the friend, who is trying to "redpill" white leftists with IQ charts, I suggested "have you ever tried to make an underdog's case for white autonomy and self-defense?"   

Our community has its own problems nobody is talking about, some parallel to black ones. Whites can't solve the problems of the entire black race.