Op-Ed: No Anarchists, No Violence

There were two marches this weekend that exposed the FBI and Jewish media for the frauds they are.

One featured 150 or so members of Patriot Front, who traveled through the streets of Washington DC in a highly organized and peaceful fashion.

The Jew Maya Oppenheim at The Independent could hardly contain her anger at this demonstration concluding without any violence, resorting to concern trolling local law enforcement about whether they had a permit, something that is not required for a rally of this type in DC. The "antifa" contingent that managed to show up was heavily outnumbered and ignored - an organic outgrowth of the "community" they are not. 

Contrast this with Portland, where anarchists took to the street to fight imaginary Klansmen. With no designated political target in sight, the rabid animals settled for assaulting random pedestrians and defacing a monument dedicated to men who gave their lives in war. The citizens of Portland were attacked with batons, concrete, bear mace and rocks all with the approval of Mayor Ted Wheeler.

The equation is simple: no anarchists, no violence.

The bad faith response from "antifa's" elite liberal apologists to what we see with our own two eyes is that members of communist and anarchist groups have not killed anyone since 2016, which itself is a lie. But even if we take them at their word, neither have members of any right-wing protest group, from Patriot Front to Proud Boys to the boogeymen in the Ku Klux Klan. Yet all the nationalist groups are treated by the state and media as if they are the terrorists.  

The next red herring they throw out when the first fails is that "antifa" describes itself as "anti-fascist" and "anti-racist," thus affirming the status quo ideology and giving them the moral right to violently suppress those who challenge the powers that be. But ISIS publications also go out of their way to stress that the group is "anti-racist," while another leftist tried to kill Trump supporters engaging in voter registration with his car likely in the name of combating "fascism," something the FBI has shown 0 interest in despite the letter of Civil Rights law existing specifically to combat something like this. There are all kinds of murders committed in the name of punishing "racism" and fascism, there's just no SPLC or ADL keeping count. 

Which brings us back to the root of Oppenheim's frustration. Patriot Front did not give advance notice, which forced the local DC police to default to First Amendment protocol (unlike in Charlottesville, where the Mayor and police chief had time to set the stage for violence), locked out pro-antifa "journalists," and did not give leftists enough time to bus communists and anarchists in to provoke a riot.

The anarchist playbook is to assault peaceful demonstrators, get their asses handed to them, then wait for air cover like Roberta Kaplan's $10 million dollar vexatious litigation or politically selective FBI prosecution targeting dogma-questioners for "conspiracy to riot," smoking weed or playing around with a rifle's lower receiver.

How many "domestic terror" arrests would the FBI come away with if they went fishing on the other side's private chatrooms and started recruiting people for Willem Van Spronsen style attacks on federal facilities? It would certainly be easier than the wild goose chases they have been going on since Charlottesville, abusing their vast prosecutorial and surveillance powers to get involved in Chris Cantwell's frivolous internet drama or aggressively entrapping teenage boys in the phony baloney "Base" just so career-whore Christopher Wray can gin up a problem for which Zionists at the ADL have already written up a solution.    

Patriot Front's rally proves the importance of public demonstrations in winning hearts and minds, as well as showing our oppressors that we are not afraid of them. When juxtaposed to what "antifa" has been up to, many people on the fence finally began to understand that the media is lying to them about who the good and bad guys are. "#AntifaTerrorists dominated social media yesterday.  

No anarchists, no violence. It's hard to believe this has to even be said, but now there is a real life side-by-side comparison that will aid us all in the fight to save our people and our Constitutional rights.