Op-Ed: Diversity or Socialism?

It's past 2 AM and the results of the Iowa caucus are still not in. 

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is being blamed. The Iowa caucusers relied on an app that is apparently malfunctioning, leading to Bernie Bro speculation that the plutocrats who control the DNC simply don't like the results and are simply stealing the election.

Perez has shown a willingness to engage in corruption, embodied by his decision to change the debating rules so super-billionaire Michael Bloomberg can qualify. Bloomberg wrote a number of big checks to the DNC shortly before jumping into the race. 

It's noteworthy that the two states Bernie Sanders is predicted to win, Iowa and New Hampshire, have overwhelming white majorities. Some media commentators have declared that the whiteness of these voters makes the results, expected to be a resounding rejection of neo-liberal "Clinton Democrats," illegitimate. 

The two states are known for their politically engaged voters. Bernie Sanders, who has been involved in legislation since 1990, has a mostly consistent political record, and white Democrats are bound to reward him for it. 

Clout Over Ideas

Bernie has spent enormous amounts of money on minority outreach after Hillary rode the brown wave to victory in 2016. The results are mixed. In South Carolina, company man Joe Biden is slated to get 46% of the black vote to Bernie's 12%. In Nevada, "latinos" are also expected to bolster Biden's mailed-in zombie campaign, with the former Vice President tying Bernie at 24% in this demographic. If these polls are accurate, the gatekeepers of Zionist and capitalist power at CNN and the New York Times will claim these results are more legitimate due to being more "diverse." 

On the periphery, Michael Bloomberg's record-shattering primary spending in majority-minority cities has made him a serious contender. A poll released February 2nd shows Bloomberg, a non-starter in Iowa and New Hampshire (a calculated choice he made to snub politically engaged white voters despite the financial ability to campaign 100 times over), polling just a few points behind Elizabeth Warren in 4th place, with 12% support. 

Bernie has a very long track record of championing minorities, from getting arrested at Civil Rights marches to endorsing Al Sharpton's radical 1988 presidential campaign.  But seeing as Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg have both personally overseen (common sense) law and order policies that have put massive amounts of blacks in prison, it's clear non-white voters are more responsive to clout than authenticity.

Joe Biden is seen as the first black president's homie. Bloomberg has been able to buy support from numerous black sellouts, like Muriel Bowser, Michael Nutter and London Breed. Bernie has "the Squad," but AOC and Ilhan Omar have a largely white-leftist fan base. Both Biden and Bloomberg have the support of the Democratic party machine, which has a network of ethnic-agents that whip non-whites to the polls for establishment favored candidates. Bloomberg himself has invested $20 million dollars to tap into this network and register hundreds of thousands of largely non-white voters in key states. 

Conservative commentators have tried to claim that non-whites are ideological more "moderate," and while this might be true on some issues when polled separately, it isn't manifesting itself in respects to viable "centrist" candidates like Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, both polling at 0% with blacks. The loyalty of black and brown influencers is the kingmaker with this crowd. 

White Privilege: A Capitalist Trick 

The elite forces looking to block Bernie's nomination have honed in on what they perceive as the shallowness of minority voters. The New York Times pressed Bernie to atone for his "white privilege," only for him to turn around and attack American oligarchy instead. This was earned Bernie criticism from blacks representing neo-liberal NGOs and pressure groups, like LaTosha Brown of Black Voters Matter and Rashad Robinson of Color of Change. 

In contrast, Bloomberg has been making lots of noise about his own "white privilege" on the campaign trail. The Jewish finance-capitalist made his $60 billion dollar fortune through New York City ethnic networks not available to white Gentiles, but charades like this shift the blame for poor economic prospects away from the vultures raking in record profits in Manhattan and onto blue collar white workers of the Rust Belt and South being killed in record numbers by deaths of despair.

Even if Bernie is able to jump the hurdle of colored voting blocs, he will be faced by ideological flaws in the modern left that make disciplining capital and challenging the powerful impossible. 

The white privilege scam, for example, gaslights some whites into seeing diminishing white economic prospects into thinking it is their own fault. Race based affirmative action seeks to pad America's 10-15% elite with more "diversity" by integrating the wealthiest blacks and Mexicans to create the fictitious impression of a meritocracy, but average people of all races do not see the benefits. Ordinary white people have become racial scapegoats. 

The factors that have led to the collapse of the middle class have specifically hit white people the hardest: financialization of the economy, liberalization of trade that allows companies to ship millions of manufacturing jobs abroad, and mass immigration that insources indentured and illegal slave labor.

The ruling class in America tells white people specifically that falling standards of living are due to a lack of a college education or vocational skills and non-whites that it's due to the racism of these white people, but most of the jobs in America's service sector economy do not require a college degree or special training. 

Adding insult to injury, white privilege theory gives exploiters the cover to declare that the job sectors seeing some of the biggest growth - home health aides, food preparation, agriculture, even STEM - are jobs "Americans don't want to do" or aren't "qualified" to do. 

Studies have shown that employers actively discriminate against white workers for immigrants not because the quality of the work is superior, but out of fear that whites will try to collectively bargain or demand decent wages. Native born blacks are also impacted by this process more than the imaginary abstraction of "institutional racism."
Sweden and the Open Borders Left

Bernie has been a life-long skeptic of mass immigration, as any true socialist should be. The downside of this in 2016 was that organizations that specialize in getting non-whites to the polls broke for Hillary. 

This time around, Bernie is making a calculated choice to lose some white working class support in exchange for trying to get representatives of minority voting blocs on his team.

His absurd campaign promise, to somehow expand the social state and embark on mass unionization while basically having total open borders, has won him the backing of one such globalist advocacy group, "Make the Road."  Make The Road is a very well-funded "community organization" that is run by a Jew named Deborah Axt, and focuses on getting people from Mexico and Central America involved in policy making and electoral engagement.

The open borders left, which now effectively runs Bernie's campaign and the left at large, has claimed that concerns of mass third world immigration negatively impacting living standards can be reconciled by organizing them into labor unions.

This theory is based on no empirical data or historic precedent. Implementing the agenda of replacing native white workers with massive numbers of aliens is perhaps the biggest capitalist victory over the left in recent memory.  

The perfect example is Sweden, which on paper is the perfect laboratory for this theory. The nation is a "humanitarian superpower" known for its virtual open borders, unusually racially tolerant citizens, and high rates of labor union organizing that are institutionally supported.

Yet ever since the country opened its doors, labor union participation is in a freefall. 80% of Swedes aged 45-64, older and whiter, are unionized, while only 56% of the highly diverse 24-29 labor force is a member of a syndicate or collective bargaining organization. For those still in unions, the process of "social dumping" of immigrants to Sweden has given employers all the power in negotiations and made the tripartite process a joke. The left, wedded to open borders, has in turn lost its working class support, leading to right-wing liberals campaigning on mild immigration restrictions, putting the entire political balance of the nation into disarray as everyone but a select few get poorer.  

The left must choose between liberal virtue signaling or worker's rights. When countries become less white via state sponsored replacement, worker's rights are the first to suffer while alienation takes hold. When met with these obvious concerns, the Judeo-left retreats to Adorno and Hofstadter and declares the people they're supposed to be fighting for, the laboring classes, as mentally ill "xenophobes" whose grievances are illegitimate and should be silenced.   

But reality doesn't play by the made up rules of Jew psychologists, professional activists and academics. The simple truth Bernie's fans will have to face, regardless if he wins or not, is that you will never have socialism without nationalism.