Op-Ed: Why Should Chick-Fil-A Care About What Christians and Conservatives Think?

The American Conservative's
Rod Dreher is frustrated at Chick-Fil-A telling Christians to suk-their-cok. His "Benedict Option" is why they can get away with it. 

They are bending over to the elite consensus: unrestricted capitalist greed centered around the Big Brown Eye instead of the Golden Calf. The Christian charities Chick-Fil-A has historically funded, specializing in helping needy children, will no longer enjoy support from the chain. 

According to opinion researcher Patrick Ruffini, in a multi-party democracy only 12% of Americans would vote for our oligarchy's guiding ideology. 

Dreher is right to perplexed. Business-wise Chick-Fil-A is winning the decade long cultural crusade against it by the Booty Warriors. They are now the third largest fast food restaurant in America. 

So why does the Silent Majority keep losing?

The problem ultimately stems from the pride of every even-tempered conservative: a lack of an offense-oriented moral zeal. 

Right-wingers assume society, economics and culture are governed by agents engaging in their immediate self-interest. This is the heritage of Adam Smith and Friedrich Hayek, omnipresent in conservative orthodoxy. Columnists as recently as September expressed this, scoffing at homosexual activists looking silly wasting their time and energy getting mad at fried chicken for not being gay enough. Wouldn't they rather be doing poppers, going to an Abba concert or having an orgy? 

Yet they got their way. 

Both modern Christians and conservatives lack the authoritarian impulses of the lavender jackboot on their neck. While Jewish capitalists like Fred Eyechaner and Paul Singer donate $10s of millions of dollars to gay pressure groups and the two major parties (one to push the agenda, the other to throw the fight), the very owners of Chick-Fil-A, worth $11 billion themselves, refuse to translate money into either cultural or political power. 

While the causes they fight for are anti-social and despicable, Jews demonstrate moral courage when walking all over the values of the majority.

When Starbucks' left-liberal corporate activism began to hurt its profitability, Howard Schultz told shareholders unhappy about his controversial input on political controversies to sell their stake and leave

Jews disprove the assertion that humans only engage with the world selfishly. This is something only taught to white people. Jews donate an extraordinary amount of their wealth to Zionist organizations, ethnic solidarity building and a wide array of political and cultural causes, which is why no decision is made anywhere in America without the Jewish community's input (or veto). They have a sense of civic and racial duty most white people no longer have. 

For Chick-Fil-A, it makes perfect sense to acquiesce to the organized and fanatical gay protesters: they lose nothing by doing so.

Christians and conservatives have to get up to go to work in the morning or want to spend their free time with their children. Plus standing up for what's right can lose you points in the American social credit system. The "live and let live" philosophy of the liberal right means nobody is going to picket the local chicken shop because they threw the Salvation Army under the bus.

Some would even say they don't agree, but excuse this act of spinelessness as "well they have to do what's best for their business." Rod Dreher himself will probably continue stopping in for a chicken deluxe with waffle fries when nobody is looking.

You see institutions fail the public across the board thanks to this mindset. In Kentucky, a Donald Trump supporter had his camera destroyed by anarchists right in front of the police, who instead of arresting the culprit told him to stop antagonizing them by exercising his First Amendment rights. The cops correctly assume that the guy with the blue lives matter flag will choose the path of least resistance, so that's whose rights get violated when forced to choose. 

The City Journal  published an article lamenting how Judeo-leftists in the press have succeeded in censoring a myriad of conservative columnists, even though most right-wingers in the media refuse to respond in kind. Andy Ngo was brutally assaulted while engaging in news-gathering, yet leftist groups masquerading as protectors of press freedom like the Committee for Protecting Journalists and the Columbia Journalism Review refuse to even pretend to condemn the communists that frequently beat him or physically intimidate his family with night time visits to their homes. 

The conservative pride in being reasonable is now a conveyer belt to the West's incineration. 

The power of the left is framing every issue, big or small, as life or death. This triggers solidarity and altruism, which translates into collective power, which then changes the world. 

Christians only seem to fight this hard with the abortion issue, where pro-life advocates argue that babies are being systematically murdered. Activists on this front  fight with heart, but pro-abortion advocates match them, by claiming that banning the practice would lead to women dying. In many states, the well-funded abortion lobby has been fought to a stalemate. 

All of this reminds me of a debate with a conservative leaning white nationalist, who suggested that calling the demographic replacement of whites in the West a "genocide" hurt the cause because it was a bit sensational.

But the point isn't that it's good marketing or semantically true, it's that it energizes activists to fight with the passion, selflessness and desperation the situation demands.   

Ultimately, for Christians and conservatives, the biggest flaw is the Republican party's unholy alliance with capital. Homosexual activists can count on Democratic lawmakers across the country to use state power to ban Chick-Fil-A from opening in their cities. The GOP, on the other hand, is the party of the radically pro-gay, anti-white Jewish slavedrivers at Uber. 

Those interested in defending decency and liberty must dismiss the banality of Rod Dreher's "Benedict Option," which suggests right-wingers drop out of society and hide in their suburban homes and churches in hopes the social engineers won't notice them.  

History has shown that the only way to fight the mob is to become one to contest the public square.  

The only power a majority has in a plutocratic police state like America is to come together and crush the oppressors with one big flex of the bicep.

The religious frenzy left-liberals approach every single issue is to be mirrored, not mocked.