Op-Ed: The Conservative Delusion

A conservative without an institution is a married man without a wife. 

It's James Bond serving Mi6 after it's taken over by RAG (Hollywood villains: Russians-Arabs-Germans).  

It's a Muslim managing a pork store or a Marxist brokering deals for Goldman Sachs. 

In other words, it's possible, but humiliating. A conservative in America amounts to a PRAG (PRison fAG) -- a slang term invented on HBO's Oz for a convict that provides fellow inmates with sexual favors in the interest of self-preservation. An undignified pragmatist who is tormented and bullied as such. 

From February to July, the number of Americans who identify as conservative has fallen from 40% to 34%. While many feel anger at the "antifa" rioters, they are more frustrated with the failure of the Republican Party and the President to affirm something as basic as law and order. At least 30 people have been killed by the rioters. Many more have lost everything.

The last two institutions conservative America respected-- the military and police -- have made their own pragmatic decision to join the "woke" side. Demoralizing images of men in blue and green taking a knee, as well as politically selective charges against those who even passively protest the anarchists, have sent a clear message to white people: this is not your country
This crisis of conservatism -- as in, the popular disengagement from it -- has put the careers of several prominent right-wingers in jeopardy. They understand that if they don't start to reflect, they will die and be replaced by something real.

Julius Krein, editor of the Trumpist journal American Affairs, is now categorizing conservatism as "the opiate of the losers." Krein muses about the absurdity of being a conservative when your adherents are ghettoized and impotent losers with no say over anything. According to the young author, the "plutocratic-technocratic establishment" uses conservatism as "controlled opposition."

Its only purpose, says Krein, is to be a safety valve for popular discontent and disenchantment. The sole purpose of American conservatism is to absorb mass opposition to the globalist-cosmopolitan status quo and maintain the illusion of democratic legitimacy. But this has always been true. 

The blogger Z-Man lamented the defeat of Kris Kobach in his Kansas primary, correctly blaming the Republican Party itself. Z-Man makes note of the anti-abortion movement being a largely useless and irrelevant distraction that sucks large amounts of money and energy out of the right as everything from free speech to European majorities collapses. 

Before Roe v. Wade, many Southern states had legal, albeit regulated, abortion and the issue was hardly ever discussed. The conservative movement took the issue up as a proxy for anger at judicial tyranny, largely to mop up people opposed to federal courts imposing outlandish interpretations of the Civil Rights act on them. At some point, the people involved forgot why they were angry and the abortion movement became a niche conservative issue. Christopher Caldwell's Age of Entitlement demonstrates how popular discontent over Civil Rights by judicial edict was deliberately channeled into the abortion movement during the 70s and 80s, with the implicit promise for many being the overturning of unwanted racial and cultural changes by unelected institutions. 

Which brings us back to the nationalist critique of conservatism: it is the bourgeois temperament, predicated on the whims and momentum of higher and destructive social forces, not an independent moral system or ideology. The primary impulse to conservatism is a yearning for respectability. It is nostalgia for Victorian table manners to distinguish yourself -- the individual -- from the plebes.  

But what happens when Victorian etiquette is replaced with "Political Correctness"? Suddenly taking your own side is rude. Collective action is dangerous, or even homosexual in the eyes of reactionaries like Curtis Yarvin. Giving your opinion on the important issues of the day or articulating obvious observations is dangerous to your pocket book, and sometimes your life. The white liberal memorizes all the rules and becomes the respectable one, they help Jews set the table. The conservative, lacking power or say in every day matters due to "Political Correctness," is reduced to being Pinky and the Brain, every day coming up with new ingenius schemes for proxies and innuendo which end up wasting everyone's time and money.

When the "proles," sick of waiting for results that will never manifest, man the rhetorical Literalist or Logocentric machine gun opposite to Derrida, the conservative balks at his own side for articulating his own actual beliefs. Even right-wing populists pride themselves in undermining those the Anti-Defamation League labels "white nationalist" and "Nazi" -- sometimes their most effective allies. This is usually followed by appeals to non-existent institutions for help against the hypocrisy of their political opponents, who regularly unleash communists and anarchists to beat them up and censor them. 

The appeal to non-existent institutions doesn't end there. Revolver.news, the Trumpist answer to Drudge, published an op-ed following Kobach's defeat calling on the Republican Party to "pass the torch" to more radical and eager youngsters. But Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and the people who keep the lights on at the GOP don't want that. 

Because as Julius Krein now admits, conservatism is an illusion. But it's actually a delusion. The only way to restore America's symbols and its ethno-national heritage from is a direct political confrontation with its true sovereign, its plutocratic Zionist captors, who long ago decided we have no place at their table.