It's rare for the FBI to release documents about ongoing criminal matters on their "Vault" page, but today they did just that.

A document marked "DOMESTIC TERRORISM, SENSITIVE INVESTIGATIVE MATTER," shows that they have put the pro-Donald Trump fraternity Proud Boys, started by Gavin McInnes, under surveillance as a terrorist organization.

Eight pages of the document from 2017-2018 were omitted and what is provided is entirely redacted, providing zero informational value. It appears the FBI has released this primarily to stigmatize the group, but also to induce panic and infighting within its ranks. It's COINTELPRO.

Nobody in America other than the most extreme and delusional left-wing extremists believe the Proud Boys are a criminal organization, much less a terror group. The specific ideology of the Proud Boys is shared by a substantial portion of Americans. Their main crime appears to be little more than neutralizing heckler's veto by defending themselves from "antifa" when Portland police have stand down orders. This investigation, and their decision to publicize it unsolicited, is nothing more than a political statement by those who are using the FBI as a globalist blunt force weapon to be used against an increasingly self-aware and disenchanted population. 

Last month the influential libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute called on Congress to investigate whether the FBI is covertly influencing, surveilling or disrupting their political work. One of Cato's research fellows, Patrick Eddington, wrote a batch of FOIA requests on behalf of various think-tanks, media entities and related organizations, only to receive a Glomar invocation for all of them. Glomar invocations are commonly understood as a "yes, but it's none of your fuckin' business!" 

Cato and its libertarian ilk would never dare talk about the FBI's egregious treatment of those it calls white nationalists lately, but the point stands: there's no adult in the room at the Department of Justice. Federal agents penetrated Donald Trump's campaign in 2016 using a warrant based on a lie they made up themselves so they could to entrap political players and got away with it scot free. Instead of the agents and coordinators of the conspiracy going to prison, their victims Manafort, Stone, Papadopoulous, et al did.

The FBI's paranoid frenzy is intended to deter Americans from exercising their rights to free speech and protest. This is even true for the left, where the young and dynamic symbols of America's gay, mocha colored, submissive neoliberal capitalist future the oligarchs have pre-selected as Democratic nominees (Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Pete Buttigieg) are being soundly rejected by primary voters. Voters prefer elderly relics of the past, like the 80s Queens racist (Donald Trump) or 60s Brooklyn Marxist (Bernie Sanders) - few have much hope in America's future. The prestige and money-making potential of a system federal agents have invested their whole lives into is a sinking ship.

The flailing desperation of these clowns has reduced them to now claiming voting for Bernie Sanders is a product of Russian mind control. This is a lie they use as a prelude to crack down on legitimate and genuine dissent, even though they know we know they are lying. 

Our captured intelligence agencies have been busy trying to plant the seed of paranoia in our minds, whether through Russiagate, declaring white men terrorists, or this recent shenanigans with the Proud Boys. They have a plan for our future nobody wants. They will go to any extreme to make us eat their Chinese bat soup.   

The richest irony of their psychological operation is that it's working more on them than it is on us.