Op-Ed: The Catholic Church Has Nobody To Blame But Itself

Pope Francis and his sidekick Cardinal Konrad Krajewski recently wired an undisclosed sum of cash to a struggling Central Italian Catholic parish on condition that it only be given out to transsexual prostitutes

The idea came after illegal alien homosexual crossdressers in Torvaianica entered Father Andrea Conocchi's Church complaining that they had no customers due to COVID-19. 

Father Conocchi offered the transgenders parcels of food, but they demanded money. Conocchi's financially strapped parish could not provide any.

As soon as the Pope and other Catholic hierarchs heard about this, they sprung into action and sent no-strings attached cash to the "trans community" of Torvaianica. The virus has been devastating for Italian families, but aside from a plate of food, the Vatican is nowhere to be found. The Church won't even conduct mass in a time of crisis where many look for spiritual relief as bodies pile up and chaos erupts. Meanwhile, bookstores and clothing shops in Italy reopened in mid-April. 

The Italian government suspended payments for debts and most household bills last March. The transsexuals will most likely use the money to buy vanity products like feminizing hormone treatments, or just plain old drugs and alcohol so they can party on the dime of Catholic almsgivers. 

According to an article in the LA Times, sending sexual deviants and other "marginalized" groups free money over Venmo to atone for the sins of "cis-privilege" and "whiteness" is a popular fad among bourgeois types. The Church's decision to use money donated to it by parishioners to please niche classes like tranny prostitutes over struggling Italian Catholics is a baffling decision.

While homosexual groups around the world praised Pope Francis' decision, the beneficiaries have made it clear that they are not Catholic and never will support the doctrine beyond fetishizing the Virgin Mary. Gay media has paired their applause with attacks on the Church's teaching on gender ideology. Once again, in an attempt to satisfy all, the Church satisfies none.  

Will the Catholic Church give cash payments to regular Italian families struggling to make ends meet? Or the ordinary "self-employed" person who lost all their customers due to the coronavirus? Get a sex-change first. 

While some conservatives blame individual Catholics or secularism for people leaving the faith, the Vatican hierarchy's embrace of elite neo-liberalism is the true culprit. In the US, the number of Catholics has declined from 45% in 1970 to 25% today. Regular attendance to services has fallen by half

With the Church on the brink of bankruptcy, the spiritual corrosion of chasing prestige and acceptability precedes the material decline. Krajewski and Francis have in recent years prioritized the well-being of illegal immigrants swarming Europe over those in their own parishes who are poor, sick and lost. Political, publicity-minded decisions like this shows the Vatican is more concerned with the approval of Jews and globalists than the little old lady who puts her last $10 in the donation plate at Church.

When the migrants they aid and abet rape and kill Catholics, the Church refuses to take responsibility or ask the public for forgiveness. 

It's not implausible to believe that Jesus would give a plate of food to a starving transvestite prostitute. But would he Venmo them money for blow and synthetic hormones as families with children around him lose everything during a pandemic?

There is a bold red line between basic Christian decency and virtue signaling to win the approval of misanthropic power brokers running the world today. By submitting to evil, the Church seals its fate.