Clinton/Obama Lawyer Rules in Favor of Other Clinton/Obama Lawyers to Veto New Trump Immigration Directives

DC federal judge Randolph D. Moss has ruled that Ken Cuccinelli, Principal Deputy Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), was illegally appointed by the Trump administration under a rarely enforced 1998 procedural law. This effectively vetoes new rules set to expedite the removal of bogus asylum seekers piling up on the border. 

In his ruling, Moss does not call for the removal of the "illegally" appointed Cuccinelli, only to make it impossible for him to effect changes in the state's approach to immigration and deportations. The decision makes it highly likely that the Trump administration's new "public charge" rule put into effect last week, which is being challenged in a separate lawsuit that Cuccinelli is a defendant in, will also be overturned. 

Trump has been delivering a string of procrastinated immigration changes in recent months as the 2020 election approaches. Judge Moss' claim is that Cuccinelli requires Senate confirmation, which is impossible since Mitch McConnell and the GOP have made it clear that they will block every immigration "hardliner" presented to them.  

Desperate for some last minute immigration wins, Trump got the Department of Homeland Security to create a new position at USCIS last summer and gave it to Cuccinelli, where he has been busy making reforms to end some of the more egregious abuses of our immigration system. 

Incest In the Swamp 

The victorious plaintiffs were led by an NGO called "Democracy Forward," which is run by the Jews Anne Harkavy and Marc Elias, along with Clinton fixer John Podesta. 

Judge Moss, Podesta, Elias and Harkavy are all deeply integrated members of the Democratic party establishment. Moss was also the judge who helped railroad Russiagate victim George Pappadopolous, who was punished for his participation in the 2016 Trump campaign. 

Before being made a federal judge by Obama in 2014, Moss served as Bill Clinton's Assistant Attorney General. Moss famously authored a memorandum at the Department of Justice that prevented the indictment of President Clinton following his impeachment proceedings. 

As for Harkavy, she served in the Obama administration's Department of Energy, and was the Senior General Counsel for the Obama campaigns. 

Democracy Forward's chairman, Marc Elias, served as counsel for Hillary's 2016 campaign run. Podesta, also on DF's board, served as Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff at the same time Moss did (1998-2000).  

Democracy In Crisis 

Voters made their voices loud and clear in 2016: stop immigration. 

Towards this end, corrupt federal judges and Jewish financed legal activist groups will not even allow tepid, common sense changes. 

The Republican party, which has few to no policy proposals on anything beyond giving billionaires tax-cuts, is an accomplice in this death spiral. There is no reason to keep giving the GOP majorities in congress. 

As for Trump, he has recently been in meetings with the open borders wing of the GOP, figures such as Mike Lee, Lindsay Graham and David Perdue, in the interest of expanding immigration. Jared Kushner, who is an advocate for a reboot of the Reagan amnesty, has been representing Trump in secret talks with Democrats for months now on the issue. 

According to reports on these meetings, figures who plan to run Trump-style phony populist campaigns in 2024 like Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz have advised him to wait until the Supreme Court rules on DACA before offering any kind of amnesty in an election year. The assumption they are making is that the Democrats will automatically reject any legislative proposal on immigration close to an election, no matter how offensive to Trump's base, out of pure partisanship. They are wrong.

Yesterday, the Trump administration announced an increase of more than 30% in the H-2B visa program. This translates to 35,000 additional jobs in sectors like construction being denied to Americans and given to imported workers for wages way below market rates. 

Unlike big business and Zionist groups, American workers do not have legal activist groups or political representation.