NYC: Black Lives Matter Supporting Hipsters Targeted In Spree of Black-On-White Violence

Violent blacks in New York City are enjoying a golden age for crime after the Mayor's office and mostly white and Jewish leftists came together to cut funding for the NYPD and release perpetrators without bail. They were also successful in getting the NYPD's plainclothes anti-crime unit abolished last summer, despite protests against doing this from the actual black community. 

The predictable result of this has been an explosion in violent crime in the city, especially inside its subway system, where a serial killer has stabbed multiple people and blacks have made a sport out of pushing people in front of incoming trains. 

The New York Times published an article on February 4th detailing the case of a man who for months repeatedly attacked women outside the Morgan Avenue L Train stop in Bushwick, a neighborhood populated with wealthy cosmopolitans and Antifa supporters who have been pricing out the local blacks. The assailant is a black man who admitted to police he was specifically targeting white women for random beatings. So far,11 victims have been identified, but there are likely more. 

In the report, the women noted that the police did not take the attacks seriously. Some of them did not bother filing a police report, while another called 911 but the police never came. 

One of the victims, Bianca Fortis, is a left-wing journalist and a Black Lives Matter protester since 2015. Fortis complained to the Times about the lack of warning about a man attacking almost a dozen women in separate incidents in the same place, including in broad daylight, who remained at large. In truth, any flyer or display would've been instantly ripped down by residents in the name of combating racism. 

According to court records, the attacker, 29-year-old Khari Covington, is a life long violent offender who was jailed for a brutal mugging in 2013 and again for a separate 2015 robbery. He was paroled last April only to be arrested again in September for the beating of his ex-girlfriend. A judge released him without bail despite the parole violation. He began assaulting white women as soon as he was out, telling investigators who caught him last month that it was because they kept rejecting his romantic overtures. 

It doesn't seem like Fortis has learned anything from the experience. In a January 2nd Instagram post warning women about Covington, her description deliberately omits her attacker's race, effectively making the announcement worthless. 

Hipsters and leftists, who gentrified neighborhoods such as Bushwick and Williamsburg by suppressing black crime with NYPD military policing, have been faring poorly after getting what they asked for during the summer. In October, 20-year-old left-wing activist from Indiana Ethan Williams was shot in the chest and killed by blacks while sitting on a Brooklyn stoop. In August, hipster NYU film grad Sam Metcalfe was paralyzed after a gunfight between nearby blacks caused a stray bullet to sever his spine. 

Nevertheless, overwhelmingly white mobs of anarchists continue to agitate in Manhattan to "defund the police." 100 rioters clashed with cops on Friday, leading to scores of injuries and arrests. 

In the world of luxury beliefs, reality has become permanently inverted.