Political Establishment and Antifa Launch Manhunt For Men Who Spray Painted George Floyd Statues While Public Expresses Support For "Vandals"

For years, anarchists and black grievance groups have been smashing, vandalizing and defacing statues and monuments dedicated to white peope, who they dislike for racial reasons. Politicians and law enforcement have either expressed support for the criminal behavior or refused to prosecute it. 

Now, statues and murals dedicated to George Floyd are, according to the media, being tagged with "PatriotFront.us" by a nationalist group of the same name. This act of tit-for-tat civil disobedience has stirred anti-white groups and politicians into an uncontrolled rage. 

In New York, the city's presumptive next Mayor Eric Adams is demanding the FBI investigate who splashed paint on a bust of Floyd in Brooklyn. The physical ode to Black Lives Matter that has come to symbolize institutional anti-white hatred and exploding black crime rates to much of the public is not federal property. If the law is applied as it is meant to, the FBI would be out of its jurisdiction. 

Governor Andrew Cuomo, whose political career is collapsing under accusations of incompetence that killed numerous elderly people from COVID and a slew of sexual harassment complaints, roared on Twitter that he was unleashing the NYPD Hate Crimes unit to find the men or man who painted the Floyd monument.

He ended the message by spewing that people who politically disagree with him should "Get the hell out of our state." 

Selective Prosecution 

New York state has been the site of some of the most egregious yet officially tolerated hate crimes and acts of vandalism for the past year. Some of the targets anarchist and Jewish groups hit were Church property, such as numerous instances of Virgin Mary statues being smashed and spray painted, while figurative displays of a variety of white men were also regularly brazenly destroyed. Nobody was ever arrested for these attacks nor was much of an effort ever made to find them. 

Over the past year, numerous officials have gone so far as to express support for the attackers. Last year in Boston, when a statue of Christopher Columbus -- a symbol representing the Italian-American heritage -- had its head removed by anarchists, Mayor Marty Walsh expressed support for the hate crime and subsequently permanently removed the remains of the sculpture. 

The scramble to utilize an all-hands-on-deck law enforcement response to find the culprits behind the sprayed protests against George Floyd monuments represents an ideological double standard to people in the country who have looked on with dismay as police tolerate or even help violent anti-white hate groups destroy public property. 

Public Shows Support For Patriot Front 

An examination of comments on social media sites such as Youtube underneath news videos on the recent acts of civil disobedience shows that the overwhelming majority of the public either supports the actions or believes that it is unfair to selectively prosecute them. 

Anthony Cumia, the former first mic on the legendary radio show Opie & Anthony, declared on his program that he did not understand how painting blackface on a black man could be racist. 

Most websites that allow open comments sections feature ordinary people not affiliated to any political group celebrating the action. 

If the FBI and prosecutors decide to ruthlessly pursue the alleged perpetrators, they run the risk of galvanizing the frustrated white masses behind them, a catch-22 that is likely being discussed at high levels. 

Whether media reports of Patriot Front's involvement are accurate or not, the group is certain to enjoy new interest and popular support from the media coverage the incident is receiving.