The National Justice Party Inauguration -- What I Saw

It's a rare privilege to be able to record history while partaking in it. Yet there I was. 

I arrived on Friday August 14th after a long drive to our venue, somewhere in the Northeast. It was around 10 o'clock at night and there was already a lively yet anxious atmosphere. A number of people were working on setting up professional lighting, a number of cameras and volunteers were even building a stage from scratch.  Many of the comrades there have known each other for years now. Our collective persecution at the hands of the system and the solidarity we have shown to one another to survive has strengthened our friendships to something akin to a family. To see our hard work begin to take shape was exciting. 

After the work was done we broke out in festivities. Many assume nationalists are dour and dry puritans, but this energy has largely moved to the left. Our world is full of laughter, love and hope, while anarchist and communist groups are riddled with paranoia, violence and privilege-checks. 

In the modern world, it's the closest you can get to what Ernst Junger described in his memoirs without getting shot at. To watch the bridge behind you burn alongside others is an intense experience that will change your soul for the better, forever. 

The next morning I was up and at'em, though a bit off my axis. It's tempting to make fun of Matt Gaetz's photo with Laura Loomer, but on the big day I shared his unfortunate fading sallow sun tan and hangover raccoon eyes. For those of us who color outside the lines, even for cynical careerist reasons like Gaetz as portrayed in the documentary The Swamp, you are sometimes excluded from "polite society," so you always make your reprieves from politically correct solitary confinement worth it.   

After pounding a few cups of coffee it was time to receive our guests, approximately150-200 (the maximum capacity at the venue), who were invited to bear witness to a tide turn. Many came with their infant children. The quality of people, in comparison to a random sample of people on the street, was unusually high. When spotted in a public venue later on, patrons and staff were attracted and curious about us, we embodied the aura of men on a mission. 

The Central Committee of the party, which includes this author, Michael McKevitt, Greg Conte, Tony Hovater, Warren Balogh, Alan Balogh and the National Justice Party's chairman Michael Peinovich ("Enoch") planned the event to provide plenty of time for socializing, followed by an 11 minute video, and then the crescendo: Peinovich's speech.  

Meeting friends I have not seen in months and making new ones brought me great joy, especially after months of lockdown across the country.


The 11 minute video was depressing but informative. An unelected Zionist cabal arbitrarily chooses who has rights and who doesn't, every institution loaths America's European majority on racial grounds, the traditional family is under attack, working people suffer food insecurity while the oligarchs grow in power, all while the cloud of pedophile suspicion threatens to start pouring rain on virtually every major elected figure and personality who steps out of line thanks to the Epstein scandal. This is America?


Peinovich then took to the stage to give the greatest speech of his life. It was rousing, loud, direct and animated, everything consultants and public speaking trainers tell you to avoid. 

The energy in the air was inexplicable. People were hanging on his every word. The room was in a pure transcendental state. Men, including myself, lost control of their inhibitions and began chanting, cheering, booing and shouting, akin to the experience one enjoys at a rock concert or a sports match. At the end of the speech, the women had tears in their eyes, the men hugged, laughed and celebrated. People then broke out in song. 


Neo-liberal societies plan architecture, art, music and social life around avoiding organic transcendence and bonding through it. This system encourages you to pop a pill or shoot heroin to artificially obtain these fleeting moments humans crave by circumventing your soul, just like in the dystopia portrayed in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.  But this event was alive and everyone emerged from it with a life experience nobody will ever be able to take from them.    

The National Justice Party's platform is not yet available for public release, but a tentative version was released to attendees.

Every demand is sensible and pro-social.

--Extend the protections of the Civil Rights Act to the white majority.

--Officially declare America a European majority state, as the Founders intended.

--Let people pray in public, protect the right to bear arms, and guarantee the right to free expression -- all proud aspects of the American tradition to be upheld against all tyranny, whether private or public.

--A complete end to immigration of all kinds as well as full enforcement of existing laws against those here illegally.

--An end to usury. 

--Restoration of the right to free association, including in respects to race and sexual "preference." 

--A new economic system where those who work and contribute to society can live with dignity, as well as the embrace of automation to shorten the work week, lower the retirement age and increase pensions.

--A culture of respect for motherhood, the family and a complete ban on unnatural sexual practices being taught in schools. 

--No more war or foreign entanglements, especially not in the service of foreign interests like Israel.

--Put the banks, big business, mass media, universities and other institutions back in the hands of the nation to serve their fatherland first, with an affirmative action program that caps Jewish representation at their population number of 2% so their power can be checked by public accountability.

These ideas transcend left and right. The National Justice Party advocates primarily on behalf of Americans of European descent -- who have no advocates despite being the majority -- but there are also universal buy-ins for other groups, including a principle that states none of America's historic minorities shall ever be subjugated for the benefit of another, ever again. This is a question of justice and equal representation, not "hate." 

Ultimately, the current oppressive climate makes this project a weighted hike up a steep mountain. But anything is possible when men develop the moral confidence to know that when they do right, they have nothing to fear. 

On August 15th, the age of humiliation began its end. This is a Constantinian shift in American political life, one that will be resisted but will be met with historical inevitability. The National Justice Party will be a scythe through the repetitive and scripted controlled discourse of right-liberal vs left-liberals.

The plutocracy that controls America is not only illegitimate, it is nakedly greedy and corrupt with outmoded and failed ideas. 

It's time for something new. 

For more information and to see Chairman Michael Peinovich's inaugural speech, follow  

And so the adventure begins. 

*The National Justice Party is a seperate entity from National Justice the publication as well as The Right Stuff radio network.