National Justice Exclusive: Black Police Major Ordering Arrest of White Parents Protesting CRT Is An NAACP Member Who Shot His Own Daughter

Earlier today a group of white parents gathered at a school board meeting in Loudon County, Virginia to peacefully protest the anti-white racial hate their children are being subjected to in class. 

The Loudon Co. Sheriff's office, infuriated at the content of their message, subsequently declared the school board meeting an unlawful assembly and began arresting the parents

A source familiar with the incident told National Justice that the decision to declare unlawful assembly and start arresting the peaceful parents was made by Maj. Easton McDonald, the black man seen in the footage directing the white officers to handcuff the parent. 

Maj. McDonald is a supporter of an anti-white organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and has been the keynote speaker at recent racially charged events. 

McDonald has a storied and controversial history at the Loudon County Sheriff's office, including reckless actions that would typically lead to a white deputy being suspended or fired. 

In 2014, McDonald used his firearm to shoot his 16-year-old daughter. On his way to the hospital, he caused a traffic accident. 

According to McDonald, he believed that his daughter was an intruder. The shooting, an egregious act of incompetence, was even featured in national publications. Ultimately, the officer was neither prosecuted or reprimanded. 

Despite McDonald's history, he has been able to rise in the ranks in recent years, from Sergeant to Captain to a more recent promotion to Major. Undoubtedly, racial and political considerations have played a role in his advancement. 

McDonald represents a relatively new breed of law enforcement officer that  has been encouraged to selectively apply the law based on their political views or racial identity. While the parents at the school board meeting are correct that their First Amendment rights were being violated, organizations that have for years sucked up all the oxygen and resources in the civil liberties movement like the ACLU will not uphold the Constitutional rights of white people who dissent from institutional race ideologies like Critical Race Theory. 

The majority of Americans oppose the teaching of anti-white ideology in school. For this reason, law enforcement in some districts are being encouraged to use force to silence those who oppose the racial and sexual abuse of their children in the education system.