Muslim Tufts University Dental Student Forced To Renounce Palestinian Cause To Get Off Jewish Blacklist

An Arab-American once active in Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) has been intimidated by Jews into renouncing his beliefs. 

Adam Elayan, who is a dental student at Tufts University, found himself on the infamous Canary Mission blacklist over Tweets supporting the Palestinian cause many years ago. Canary Mission, which is funded by shadowy wealthy Jews affiliated with the Netanyahu government, "doxes" nationalists, Muslims and socialists who publicly criticize Zionism.

The blacklist allows Jews to utilize their strong influence over American institutions to deny victims of its defamation employment and educational opportunities, make them targets of lawsuits, and even get them harassed by the FBI.

The timing of Elayan's supposed change of heart is no coincidence. Tufts University is currently a battleground between Jewish interests and the campus' well-organized SJP chapter. Zionist activist groups have organized litigation backed by the Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law against university administrators and supporters of Palestinian rights, claiming that pro-Israel Jewish students who are recalled through elections from positions of authority over campus activities are victims of anti-Semitism. 

In a March 8th op-ed for the Jewish News Syndicate that sounds like a hostage letter, Elayan writes that his previous "anti-Semitic" activism was fueled by seeing the oppression his Arab family members faced in Israel every day. His anger led him to take an anti-Zionist position that ended up getting him a profile on Canary Mission. 

Elayan then apparently reached out to Canary Mission to figure out how to get off the list, who forced him to endure a lengthy re-education program that includes spending time with pro-Israel Muslim con artist Hussein Aboubakr and vowing to combat "anti-Semitism" in his Arab community. 

In a separate statement on Elayan, Canary Mission declared the student reformed after a "lengthy process" which includes a trip to Israel. The re-education program appears to be run by StandWithUs, which Canary Mission pretends is separate from them but shares the same financial backer, Adam Milstein. a Jewish real estate oligarch and convicted criminal

The whole incident embodies the sad state of free speech in America. Using mostly private means but also their power over politicians and law enforcement, Jews have been able to make advocacy for both white people and Palestinians a costly and dangerous endeavor.

Some individuals decide to bend the knee for personal financial gain or simply to stop Jews from wrecking their lives, as is the case with Jeff Schoep, Katie McHugh, Nick Cannon, and now Adam Elayan.  

When it comes to cancel culture, the oppression and censorship is coming from the Jewish community and its seemingly infinite and diverse number of pressure groups.