The Lynching of Dr. William Latson

Last week Dr. William Latson, the black principal of Spanish River Community High School in South Florida, was fired. 

The reasoning given by the school board for firing Latson was vague and probably illegal. Latson was given a Soviet-style show trial after a Jewish mob recruited the Anti-Defamation League, multiple politicians and the mass media to destroy the respected administrator's life over an email.

The case is a textbook example in how rabid and extreme Zionist power has become in the United States, where free speech and the Constitution are now nothing more than an artifact in a museum.

According to news reports, the "controversy" began in April 2018, when a parent emailed Latson demanding to know why Holocaust courses were not mandatory for all students.

Latson responded that Holocaust studies were available for all students who were interested - which was reported to be only a tiny minority of them according to other news reports - and that teachers at the school had the academic freedom to choose whether they wanted to teach this dicey, politically polarizing topic.

The belligerent Jewish parent responded by saying that the Holocaust was not "a right, or a belief." Latson, in a stunning act of professionalism rare for public servants in 2019 America, stated that he oversees a public school, and that regardless of his own views on the topic, not all parents in the district agree that the Holocaust happened or in the political ideology associated with this propaganda, so by offering it as a choice like any other ethnic studies course, he could serve everyone equally. 

This is not an unpopular view. Letters to the Palm Beach Post, which had an editorial line predictably supported firing Latson throughout this circus, shows local support for the principal's response. 

From here, the mass media began labeling the school official a "Holocaust denier."

The parent who wrote the email and concocted this scandal had their identity protected throughout the entire firing process, leaving Latson unable to face his accuser. Ben Szlamkowicz, likely the parent in question, started the petition to not just fire Latson, but push for federal grants that would allow "Holocaust Education" to become mandatory for everyone. The associated Go Fund Me , which Szlamkowicz claims will go to "legal support" for "Holocaust victims," has only raised $36 dollars since July. 

Latson never "denied" the Holocaust. He merely acknowledged the diversity in views on the subject. 

For Jews, the Holocaust is akin to ethnic folklore. For the neo-liberal global order, preventing "another" Holocaust is the primary higher power appealed to to justify everything from America's support to Israel, Middle Eastern wars (as articulated in Richard Perle's An End to Evil), to undermining efforts to enforce existing laws against illegal and/or criminal aliens. Recently, a judge in New York City sentenced two Proud Boys to four years in prison for defending themselves from an anarchist ambush in a street fight, in a case and trial with no victims, by claiming he had to be over-the-top to make political examples and prevent another Hitler. This was executed with the recommendation of a Jewish prosecutor.

People who question the Holocaust are treated like kooks, but there are no veteran scholars (Germar Rudolf, Serge Thion, Arthur Butz), award-winning World War II historians (David Irving) and once-leading relevant specialists (Fred Leuchter) involved in promoting flat earth theory.    

By the 1970s, institutional Holocaust historians did a complete 180 turn on initial claims that Buchenwald, Dachau and other Western European concentration camps were used to murder Jews after pressure began to mount from curious Western academics. The last iteration of the story remains that that all of the "death camps" were behind the Iron Curtain, which was convenient since they were inaccessible and the Soviet and Warsaw Pact countries did not talk about this atrocity propaganda. 

Today, virtually all of the European theaters that hosted alleged Axis war crimes have strict "Holocaust denial" laws. Most of these were passed during the 1980s, 90s, and 2000s, to coincide with the opening up of Eastern European archives after World War II. Academics and historians who question the official narrative are fined, tortured and imprisoned across Europe. 

In the case of Latson, he did not come close to violating any European-style laws, but his causeless firing shows just how draconian the system in America can also be.