Liberal University of Vermont Professor Stands Up For His White Students; Resists Calls To Resign

A soft-spoken liberal professor at the University of Vermont has had enough of the anti-white abuse he faces at his work place.

Aaron Kindsvatter, who teaches courses on education and mental health, published a video on March 8th detailing the institutional discrimination and systematic racial dehumanization he and other whites on the UVM campus face on a daily basis. 

Kindsvatter speaks anecdotally about how he struggled when his father was dying. He noted that his father dedicated his life to bettering the human condition. Rather than offer sympathy or respect, university faculty and activists began attacking him for his immutable racial characteristics during this tough time. 

Kindsvatter rightly notes that Title XI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is supposed to legally prohibit the treatment he and other whites face on campus every day. A lack of white advocacy groups, a corrupt Department of Justice, and a shortage of litigators willing to take up politically incorrect civil rights cases has allowed large corporations and universities to continue to break the law without repercussions when whites are targeted. 

Rather than try and meet Kindsvatter half way, UVM administrators are siding with anti-white extremist organizations against their professor. Patricia Prelock, the school's provost, has disavowed Kindsvatter's complaints about a hostile work environment and promised to help students avoid taking his class. 

A petition launched by UVM "Sisters of Color," which has been endorsed by provost Prelock, has collected over 2500 signatures demanding Kindsvatter resign. A competing petition supporting Kindsvatter calls for him to be promoted as head of all Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs and has more than 3100 signatures

In a video addressing the dispute released yesterday, Kindsvatter -- who specializes in mental health -- mentioned that many campus counselors are on record supporting his firing.  He rightfully brings up the concern that white students in need of mental health services will instead be racially abused by those they turn to for help. 

The issue of institutionalized anti-white ideology in America has ramifications beyond being personally tormented. The new COVID 19 relief bill's measures to aid struggling farmers will allocate money based solely on race, rather than need. Whites who want vaccines in numerous American cities are being turned away because they are the wrong color, in a historic precedent for medical discrimination. 

How far anti-white forces are willing to go is not clear. History suggests that without more defiance and pushback, this is only the beginning.