Leaked Document Shows Who The Pentagon Wants To Purge From Military

The Department of Defense is embarking on one of the widest internal purges in US history. 

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has made "combating extremism" in the armed forces his number one priority, but Austin and his supporters in the intelligence community have been vague about what exactly they mean. 

A Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) document leaked to Politico titled "Extremism and Insider Threat in the DoD"  finally answers the question. 

According to DARPA, patriots, white advocates, Christians, and "anti-feminists" all qualify as extremists subject to punishment and expulsion. Anarchists, environmentalists, animal welfare activists -- but not Black Lives Matter -- are also on the list.    

The guidelines describe patriot "domestic extremists" as holding an ideology that states "the US government has become corrupt, has overstepped its constitutional boundaries or is no longer capable of protecting the people against foreign threats." Oathkeepers, Proud Boys and Boogaloo Bois are put in this category. 

DARPA's "racial and ethnic supremacy" section only includes symbols belonging to white groups, many of them no longer operation, such as Identity Evropa or the Aryan Nations. 

Most puzzling and overreaching is the inclusion of Christians who oppose abortion, gay marriage or transgenderism. Almost half of all US military recruits are from the South, where there are many Christians with socially conservative beliefs.

Almost amusing is the "anti-feminist" designation, which describes involuntary celibates ("incels") as a national security threat. The fixation on incels is not based on any legitimate data or intelligence assessment. It is included thanks to lobbying from the Anti-Defamation League, which reveals a lack of seriousness at the Pentagon. 

It's safe to say that under these rules, the majority of Americans -- and thus servicemen -- are domestic extremists. How it is possible to boot every soldier who doesn't approve of transgenderism or has posted Pepe the Frog on their social media without basically destroying the military has not been specified by Austin or the Pentagon, but he apparently is defering to unit commanders to enforce the new rules however they see fit.

Many conservatives are complaining about the military becoming "woke," but this is just a symptom of a broader problem: every institution in American life has become woke. 

Because the US armed forces are utilized by the Zionist lobby to protect Israel in the narrow sense and the Jewish liberal order in the broader sense, the military has for years been allowed to engage in "problematic" practices -- such as placing enlistees based on the results of their IQ tests -- that would lead to Civil Rights lawsuits in other areas of American life. 

Now it appears that the Pentagon, forced to pull back from foreign military adventures in Asia and Africa, is transforming the military into a weapon to conscript for their culture war against the American people.