Third World America: St Louis Became 5th Most Dangerous City In The World In 2020

St Louis, Missouri became the fifth most dangerous city on the planet in 2020, according to data calculated by National Justice

Mainstream sources place the city as 13th, or 65.8 killings per 100,000, but these statistics are inaccurate. St Louis Today tracked 262 homicides last year in a population of roughly 297,000, or 87.3 per 100k-- an all-time record. 

92% of murderers in the Midwestern city belong belong to its black population (45%), who kill both blacks and whites at high rates. A person is more likely to be murdered in the streets of St Louis than in the cartel battlefield of Tijuana, Mexico (84.8), the notorious Cape Town in South Africa (62.3), and every slum in Brazil save the Northeastern city of Natal (102.6). 

The United States is the only country generally accepted as first world with cities among the top 50 most violent places to live, with five in total. 

St Louis' onerous distinction does not phase its black mayor, Tishaura Jones. Earlier this month she joined with anti-racist and gay activists to announce a plan that further defunds the city's demoralized police department and eliminates 98 positions on the force. The crime problem is so bad that even the local black population is fleeing at record rates

For the past year, police in downtown St Louis have been informally instructed not to enforce traffic laws. The outcome has been a chaotic atmosphere of people speeding, drag racing. running red lights while dancing in the middle of the street, leading to many accidents. In late May, video of a crowd of blacks on the busy Washington avenue twerking on top of a police car went viral.

The city's top prosecutor, Kim Gardner, was installed into power by Jewish billionaire George Soros.

Like other "progressive," Gardner refuses to prosecute a wide range of crimes when the defendant is black while also using her position to punish white people for political reasons. Last summer, she decided to pursue charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, for "brandishing guns" as blacks and anarchists attempted to lay siege to their home. She is currently facing disciplinary hearings that could lead to the suspension of her law license after using her position to try and prosecute then Republican Governor Eric Greitens, who is Jewish and able to fight back. 

So far in 2021, other cities with large black populations such as Cleveland and Memphis have rising murder rates that could become comparable to the situation by the end of the year.