Lawless America: George Soros Funded Prosecutor Drops Charges Against Two Involved In Austin Mass Shooting, Third Suspect Remains At Large

Police and prosecutors are dragging their feet in solving the June 12th mass shooting in Austin. 

The race of the suspects, all of them black, is complicating an otherwise straightforward case. 15 people, many of them innocent bystanders, were shot in a gun battle involving two groups of blacks near a strip of bars.  

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza announced yesterday that his office was dropping charges against two individuals involved in the shootout, one which is not named due to being a minor. 

The suspect who was arrested and is now free, Jeremiah Tabb, had shot someone in a separate incident at a high school just one week before the Austin mass casualty event. Garza embarrassed the Austin Police Department with his decision to drop charges against Tabb and his fellow gang member, but the APD assured the public that the two were nonetheless active participants in the incident.

Police are pinning the entire shooting on 19-year-old De'ondre Jermirris White, who almost two weeks later remains at large. While the FBI could utilize its resources to quickly track the armed and dangerous White down, the state's federal resources are currently occupied with wild goose chases "foiling" informant directed plots by Islamo-Nazi "domestic terrorists."

DA Garza, who was installed into power by Jewish Wall Street speculator George Soros, is a Black Lives Matter supporter who runs a fake labor union dedicated to open borders and legal advocacy for illegal aliens. Garza was endorsed alongside other billionaire financed DAs overseeing exploding murder rates by the Jewish communist, Liza Featherstone, who praised him as a crusader against "racism" in the criminal justice system. He also enjoyed support for his well funded campaign from the Austin Democratic Socialists of America. 

The question of how a man charged with a shooting at a school could be involved in another shooting just a week later and not face any repercussions is answered by internal guidelines Garza's office has implemented. Under the new system, prosecutors and judges are strongly encouraged to release criminals back into the street regardless of the violent nature of their offense. 

In his first six months in office, Garza started emptying his city's jails, aggressively prosecuting often frivolous sexual harassment allegations, and putting the microscope on his police department and how it deals with black suspects. 

The outcome is as predicted. Austin is already on track to set a record for homicides in 2021.