The Skeletons in Katie McHugh's Closet

Former Breitbart editor Katie McHugh's voyage from politically incorrect mini-celebrity to Southern Poverty Law Center informant provided plenty of sensationalist media last month. 

The 29-year-old McHugh, who is based out of Oakton, Virginia, decided to publicly come out as the person who violated her friends and colleagues' trust, likely in pursuit of a Christian Picciolini style "deradicalization" career. 

According to McHugh's narrative, rehashed in a recent  Slate podcast, she was being "radicalized" by members of the Trump administration, paleo-conservatives and alt-rights. McHugh goes further by claiming to have been a victim of peer pressure and a cult-like environment.

After a dozen interviews with people who knew Katie McHugh personally from 2015-18 and scores of emails we have reviewed, National Justice can report that Katie McHugh has left out big details in her story, particularly a case where she personally entrapped unknowing people in an event she organized, who she later sold out to left-wing political police.

McHugh is reported to have given every email, every phone number and every text message she ever received during this period to opposition researchers and political police, like Rosie Gray and the SPLC.

There is no hard evidence, but sources close to McHugh speculate she may have received a 5-figure sum for these private communications.  

Fired From Breitbart

Multiple sources told National Justice that McHugh's famous firing from Breitbart in 2017 was not the product of "radicalization," but of her chronic alcoholism.

By the time of her firing, McHugh had allegedly become known as someone who would get drunk by herself (a habit confirmed by everyone who knew her personally) and then log onto to social media to make inflammatory comments for attention. There is no evidence McHugh ever had any concrete political beliefs, but she got addicted to being in the spotlight.

Friends who knew her at the time and she now paints as "extremists," including some who could be considered white nationalists, warned her over and over again to stop picking fights and saying inflammatory things on her public Twitter account to protect her employment, according to emails reviewed by National Justice

It wasn't that she was saying anything most Americans would even disagree with, it was that she needed her job due to her serious health problems.  

After multiple warnings from another Breitbart editor, Brandon Darby, McHugh was finally dismissed by the company's management.

David Irving Event

After her firing, McHugh hopped from gig to gig until finally running out of options.  

At this point, McHugh already had a reputation as a volatile and mentally unstable alcoholic, but she had no place to go and she was running out of insulin.

A network of nationalists took pity upon her situation and tried to give her a helping hand: odd-jobs, places to sleep, and most important of all, warmth, camaraderie and friendship.  

McHugh one day decided to use her network to make some money, and presented a novel idea: to host a conference featuring eminent historian David Irving.  

Most of the people in her circle of friends, some white nationalists but many standard paleo-conservatives, were not familiar with Irving. Irving is known for his work contradicting the victor's narrative on the Second World War. He has suffered a great deal throughout his life, including going to prison, for his commitment to historical truth. 

Listening to Irving's lectures is a privilege, but because of the dissident nature of his work, McHugh has been demonizing and hurting those who attended her event in the press!  

"I had no idea who David Irving was" an attendee told National Justice, "the understanding everyone had was that this was basically just a way to help Katie make a little cash."

In the following email chain sent to attendees, McHugh is clearly identified as the organizer. She has omitted this fact from her interviews with Zionist witch-hunters Rosie Gray and Joseph Bernstein, who she has given other people's personal information to... for attending!


Dubious Rape Allegations 

During this time, McHugh had gotten into the habit of making dubious accusations of sexual assault. 

In one case, McHugh claimed one of the men she was sleeping with had forced himself on her after she got high. This caused a large commotion in her support network, many who believed her. 

The problem is, McHugh did not take the claim to the police. She had fooled many into thinking she had, but when she interviewed with Rosie Gray, what she had on this man was a police report for "stalking" and "hacking."  

Another bizarre case was when McHugh told friends a man physically apprehended her and tried to sexually assault her while she went out to do errands but she managed to get away. Again, the police were not contacted. 

Randi Kreger's best selling book, Stop Walking on Eggshells,  reveals that making phony rape and domestic abuse accusations are a telltale symptom of pathological narcissism. It is especially common in people suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder.  

Path of Destruction 

So far, McHugh has ruined countless people, most of it just for talking to her and trying to help her when she was in need. One man lost his job at the Daily Caller for the crime of asking American Renaissance to see if they would hire her when every other door in her career closed.

Many people she now paints as ghouls and monsters tried to save her from her own low moral character and lack of impulse control.

McHugh claims her decision to destroy all the people she has ever met was fueled by her conversion to traditional Catholicism. The one who betrayed all his friends wasn't Jesus, it was Judas! 

Some of her new cowardly Trad Catholic friends have been cheering this horrific behavior on in back channels, National Justice is told. Do they know that the SPLC considers them to be a "hate group" as well? 

And now, McHugh has donned the wig of a Bernie Sander's PoMo-leftist.

Would she "dox" her Catholic friends fixated on abolishing abortion to the equally as fervent pro-abortion groups in Bernie world?

It's inconceivable that anyone would trust this woman ever again in a social or professional setting. Even low-life hucksters like Jeff Schoep and Picciolini look noble in comparison. McHugh can only be described as completely lacking in sincere empathy for others, or downright mentally ill.  

As with almost all the "re-educated" alt-righters, McHugh's misery isn't the fault of Adolf Hitler, Richard Spencer, Stephen Miller or anyone else.

She was despicable before and is despicable after.