Israeli Lab Claiming To Have COVID-19 Vaccine Is an IDF Biological Warfare Research Facility

Last month it was reported that scientists at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona had developed a vaccine for COVID-19, though it still required clinical trials.

Whatever the merits of this claim are, there are striking ethical, historic and public health reasons to reject any "cure" coming from the IIBR. The laboratory is a highly secretive biological warfare unit of the Israeli military that is civilian in name only.

The IIBR is responsible for developing numerous poisons, microbial weapons, chemical weapons, and other banned materials. Multiple scientists at the laboratory have suddenly died in the middle of their research over the years, yet the nature of their deaths remains a mystery thanks to the Israeli government's ban on publishing stories related to military activities. 


The Ness Ziona based lab was founded during the 1948 war as HEMED BAIT, on the orders of David Ben-Gurion. The goal of the unit was to develop weapons that could kill large groups of people, and was allegedly inspired by the Zionist terrorist organization Nakam, who with the blessing of many influential Jewish leaders attempted to murder millions of Germans by poisoning their water supply before being thwarted by British authorities in 1945.  

The concept of poisoning a population's drinking water guided the idea behind one of the first weapons developed by the early incarnations of the lab. This ghoulish innovation was used against native Arabs in the town of Acre, when the Israeli military ethnically cleansed it in May 1948.

According to military historian Uri Milstein, Israeli forces dropped containers of bacterium into their wells and engineered a man-made typhus outbreak which drove the locals out.   

After the successful deployment of germ warfare in Acre, Egyptian soldiers caught Israeli commandos in Gaza attempting to do it again a few weeks later (Cohen, pg 31). When the Egyptians obtained their confession and announced what they had done, the Jewish global press accused them of anti-Semitic blood libel due to the incident's similarity to Medieval European claims Jews to this day hold are nothing more than baseless and hateful calumnies.  

In 1952, professor Avraham Marcus Klingberg, who had served in HEMED BAIT, transformed the military program's infrastructure into the IIBR (Cohen, pg 35).  

In 1983, Klingberg was arrested, tried and convicted in secret for being a Soviet spy. Klingberg was blackmailed by the KGB into divulging information about his questionable projects as head of the IIBR. The entire episode remains shrouded in mystery, but it is commonly believed to be the most damaging espionage case the state of Israel has ever suffered.

The IIBR and the Mossad 

In recent years, the IIBR's work has been revealed to have been used in various assassinations. 

For example, in 1977 Palestinian organizer Wadie Haddad was killed by Israeli intelligence using an undetectable poison manufactured by IIBR. The poison, administered by coating his favorite chocolate, mimicked the symptoms of Leukemia, which an East German hospital filed as his cause of death. 

In 1997, another IIBR product was used to try and assassinate Hamas political leader Khaled Mashal. Mossad operatives snuck into Jordan, where Mashal was based, and exposed him to a concentrated form of the synthetic opiate fentanyl, also produced at the IIBR lab.

The Mossad agents were captured as Mashal fell into a coma. The Jordanian king threatened to break peace accords with Israel if an antidote was not provided. Under pressure from President Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu begrudgingly provided the cure and Mashal survived.  

Another high profile case involving IIBR was the attempt to fly chemicals used to produce Sarin gas to the facility from Holland in 1992. The El Al plane crashed during take off on the Dutch runway, releasing 50 gallons of dimethyl methylphosphonate into the local atmosphere. Citizens of the region continue to suffer from a crippling and mysterious respiratory illness linked to the crash. 

Israel's COVID-19 "Cure" Should Not Be Trusted 

Knowing the bloody history of the IIBR, it seems unfathomable that any Gentile nation would trust a "partnership" with them. 

Yet, Republican Ted Cruz and Democrat Chris Coons are trying to capitalize on concerns regarding American pharmaceutical supply chains in China to “to enhance partnerships between companies in the United States and Israel to develop innovative medical projects aimed at detecting, treating, and curing COVID-19.”

While it is not made clear if US taxpayer funds will be going to institutions like IIBR, it's safe to say that any vaccine developed in Israel is going to provoke well-deserved suspicion. The distinction between private companies and the state are virtually non-existent in Israel, and biotech firms like Dyadic do not hide their relationship to IIBR.   

There is no sign that the IIBR, a military outfit founded specifically with the intent of indiscriminately murdering non-Jews with germs, poisons, and viruses, has changed its original Zionist mission. Any Israeli vaccination should be treated as suspiciously as an Arab village's well within Ben-Gurion's reach.