Ireland: "Black Queer" Activist Group Raised €30,000 Then Vanished From The Face Of The Earth

A self-described collective of "black queers" based in Ireland raised close to €30,000 for workshops and speaking engagements, then they disappeared. 

According to reporting by The Burkean, several Irish liberal "allies" showered money on the group in question, Black Pride Ireland (BPI), at the height of the George Floyd protests in America last year. 

After raising the cash, ostensibly to finance workshops, speaking tours and travel to protests, the group became inactive. BPI's homepage has been mostly offline since June of last year. The group's Instagram has occasionally updated with appeals for more money, while their Facebook account hasn't said anything since September 2020. 

The group's mysterious disappearance prompted questions from donors angry at the money having been potentially stolen.  Last March, a local anti-white non-governmental organization called Migrants and Ethnic Minorities For Reproductive Rights (MERJ) released a statement from BPI assuring that everyone's money was going to the fundraiser's stated purpose, but that members were merely taking a prolonged break. 

Ireland Targeted For Washington's Globalist Experiment 

Ireland's close cultural and economic relationship with the United States and membership in the European Union has turned it into a petri dish for NGOs seeking to replace its native population and loosen its social and national cohesion.

Earlier this month, the Irish national team was booed and made fun of by fans during a match with Hungary after making the bizarre and belated decision to kneel in honor of George Floyd. Team manager Stephen Kenny, who presumably instructed his players to engage in the ridiculous gesture, expressed dismay that Hungarians jeered instead of joining in with the fad. 

But not all or even most Irish people approve of the direction their country is going in. Recently, famed columnist John Waters was reported to the police after he said in an interview that Leo Varadker, who is a gay Indian neo-liberal, is an ethnic interloper that should be barred from the country's politics. “He is not Irish. He’s an Indian who has no love for Ireland whatsoever...”