Indianapolis: Mennonite Mother Killed At Random By Black Thugs As Homicide Rate Breaks Records

Bloomfield-based Mennonite mother Wilma Hochstetler was murdered in cold blood in Indianapolis two nights ago.  

Jonathan and Wilma Hochstetler were traveling with their 6-year-old through the city back from a construction site when they got a flat tire. A group of armed black men then approached them demanding their money and cellphones.

The couple obliged and handed over their property. As the robbers began walking away, they suddenly turned around and opened fire, striking Wilma in the neck and killing her and wounding Jonathan. Their child was forced to watch the killing and call 911. Police do not appear to be investigating a racial motive and no suspects have been named. A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family with funeral and hospital bills. 

Indianapolis, a city with less than a million people, is on track to set a new record in homicides. In 2018 they previously set a record with 158 murders, but according to information from mid-August, 30% black Indianapolis had already registered 141 murders, making this the deadliest year in their history. 

Indianapolis is rapidly approaching St Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit and other major American metropolitan zones in becoming one of the most dangerous cities in the world. 

At a homicide rate of 18.5 per 100,000 people, a person living in Indianapolis is two times more likely to be murdered than if they lived in Nigeria. Another African nation, Botswana, has 2.2 million people and a lower homicide rate than numerous American cities (15.2 per 100,000), thanks in part to a strict criminal justice system that punishes murderers by hanging them.  

That so many American cities are more dangerous (in the case of St Louis, significantly more so) than third world and African urban areas and countries does not seem to phase our political elites. While Donald Trump is correct that cities like Indianapolis have Democrats for Mayors, Indiana's Republican Governor Eric Holcomb is himself more concerned with "systematic racism" and browbeating the police than helping reduce the exploding crime rates in his state. Last year, Governor Holcomb signed a "hate crimes" bill into law to provide more protections to privileged classes, but the Jewish organization, Anti-Defamation League, claimed it was still "not enough."  

While leftist organizations and the Republican Party team up to further weaken local police departments, many medium and large cities in the US have become warzones in 2020. Outside of Donald Trump's twitter account, there isn't any discussion happening on what to do about it. Regular people have been thrown to the wolves.