Half of All US States Plan To Deny White People COVID Vaccinations

The controversial COVID vaccine is now being released. Large portions of the public are expressing skepticism over its experimental nature and the fact that it is being rushed to market. 

Non-white people are more likely to be suspicious of the vaccine than whites. Blacks are especially reluctant to take it. 

The federal government is leaving vaccine prioritization up to states. According to the local plans of 25 states, belonging to a non-European race, rather than immuno-compromised status, age, or even class, will be the main factor in deciding who is first in line. Municipalities will be using census data to serve non-white populations ahead of whites. 

In states like California and New York, two of the most aggressive advocates of this plan, non-white illegal aliens will be offered the vaccine before white citizens. 

Most medical experts, including Harald Schmidt who himself previously stated that vulnerable older people should be forced to wait because they're white, realize that practicing such racial discrimination could lead to lawsuits that would stop the vaccine's rollout in its tracks. This fear seems to be unfounded, since litigation groups tasked with protecting equal treatment under the law like the American Civil Liberties Union agree with rejecting treatment for white people. 

While significant portions of the population are not interested in taking the COVID vaccine, the precedent set by the anti-white discrimination will allow government's to grant preferential treatment to non-whites even in the life or death field of medicine. 

According to guidelines released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), vaccines should be allocated via their "Social Vulnerability Index" (SVI), which includes "minority status" and lack of English language proficiency. Political leaders like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have publicly stated that the CDC guidelines do not go far enough and that race should be a unique qualification for deciding early access. 
Overall, this is set to only validate black skepticism over the vaccine, and introduces another cloud of controversy around the shot. The decision to throw elderly whites under the bus to vaccinate young, healthy blacks instead is a new low in the American elite's war on whites.