FBI Agent Accused Of Raping Women At Knife Point Now Arrested For Sodomizing Child Under Age 12

An FBI agent with a history of violent rape accusations was arrested last week for sodomizing an 11-year-old girl. 

According to an April 27th report in local media, Christopher Bauer, an agent for the FBI's New Orleans office that became an Alabama state trooper, was arrested by the Montgomery police department for sexually abusing a young female relative.

An Associated Press story released yesterday found that Bauer was suspended without pay from the FBI in late 2018 after an investigation found he had raped a female colleague at knife point.  

Bauer was never formally fired from the bureau or prosecuted. While suspended, he was able to get a job as a state trooper in Alabama using a recommendation letter signed by Performance Appraisal Unit chief Douglas E. Haigh from the FBI's headquarters. 

The FBI is scrambling to cover up this scandal by dumping the blame on lack of a background check by the  Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

According to an official statement from the FBI, they are claiming the recommendation letter is a "forgery," but have so far not identified or charged anyone for what is usually treated as a serious federal crime. 

Alabama law enforcement sources have publicly disputed the FBI's claims and insist that they did a thorough investigation into Bauer's history, but the FBI deliberately hid information about his past behavioral problems from them. 

There is strong evidence to support the idea that the FBI is lying and the letter is legitimate.

A separate investigation into multiple cases of FBI agents blackmailing women into sex or engaging in sexual assaults revealed that the agents retained their employment, benefits, and were able to later find jobs in the private sector and local police due to laws that grant anonymity to federal law enforcement no matter how egregious or outrageous their misconduct.

Unlike local police, the FBI operates without oversight and generally avoids scrutiny from the mass media. It's unlikely that Christopher Bauer is the first sexual predator the Bureau has produced and covered for, nor is he the last.