Facebook's International Free Speech Oversight Board Is a Neo-Liberal Echo Chamber

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has recently established a content moderation oversight board featuring academics from all around the world. Its goal is to respond to growing criticism of Facebook's attacks on free expression and political dissent by allowing an appeals process these experts will weigh in on. 

On paper, the board claims to be a free speech check against draconian "community standards." In practice, it is another neo-liberal amen corner that will try to grant legitimacy to social media censorship and demand it go further.  

The board includes scholars and NGO workers from every continent. Nations as diverse as Brazil, Senegal, Yemen, and Israel are represented, yet notably, there isn't a single Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan or Iranian voice on the panel.  

Wisegrad group nations, where Facebook also plays a controversial role, have no representation with the exception of George Soros funded anti-Orban activist András Sajó. While Sajó is listed as a Hungarian representative, he is an agent of Wall Street and Brussels interests in Eastern Europe, including as a founder of Central European University, a product of the Open Society Foundation otherwise known as "Soros U."  

The lack of representation for countries that have billions of people disproportionately subjected to Facebook's censorship makes the whole project an illegitimate fraud. During last year's Hong Kong protests, Facebook embarked on a massive purge of Chinese journalists who contradicted the Pentagon's official narrative.

Venezuelan news network Telesur was banned in 2018 as the CIA began preparations to overthrow Nicolas Maduro and put Juan Guiado in power.   

Facebook subsidiary Instagram deleted posts and banned accounts belonging to Iranians mourning the death of national hero Qassem Soleimani after he was assassinated by the US government last summer. 

Russians who are critical of the Ukrainian government or express support for Russian efforts in Syria are arbitrarily declared state-sponsored "misinformation" by Facebook and shut down on sight. 

As for the United States, domestic critics of the American system -- ranging from conservatives, to anti-war leftists, to ethno-nationalists -- are also completely excluded from Facebook's new "free speech" watchdog. Individuals and entire nations who are targeted by Zuckerberg for their political beliefs or questioning the positions of American oligarchy aren't given even one advocate on the superficially diverse, ideologically unified oversight board's panel. 

Facebook may not be bound by any laws to respect the free flow of ideas, but they do not have the right to falsely brand themselves as a platform that encourages and respects this concept.

Their newly minted "oversight board" is a futile attempt to change the American public and much of the world's accurate perception: Facebook is a bloated, over-the-hill monopoly that serves as a propaganda tool of international Jewry and the US government.