Roberta Kaplan "Lost" Two Subpoanaed Phones. Now She Wants The President's DNA

Former Harvey Weinstein lawyer Roberta Kaplan is known for getting judges to agree to discovery requests meant to harass and invade privacy, but can she be trusted with sensitive materials?

A legal document filed December 13th, 2019 in her Sines v. Kessler case suggests otherwise. 

The brief relates to the case of defendant Elliot Kline, who Kaplan asserts led a conspiracy to "terrorize" minorities in Charlottesville by attending a permitted political rally in August 2017.

Kaplan, who has hounded Kline and even gotten the judge to incarcerate and fine him over failure to meet her avalanche of abusive subpoenas, claims that his personal materials are the linchpin that justify her farfetched lawsuit.

Kline complied with the order and gave her team two of his phones, an iPhone and a "Walmart phone." According to Kaplan and co, they immediately packaged the devices for shipping to an imaging lab, dropped them in a UPS box, only for this supposedly vital evidence to vanish into thin air.

The document goes on to say that they filed a lost package report with UPS and the questionable Charlottesville Police Department, which was found to be the culprit behind the violence that engulfed the streets of Charlottesville at Unite the Right in an investigation by former federal prosecutor Timothy Heaphy. An explanation for what happened to these phones has yet to be given.     

The mysterious and suspicious circumstances shrouding this incident should be cause for alarm in light of recent Kaplan antics. In two ongoing cases, Kaplan has been granted the right to handle Johnny Depp's medical records and president Donald Trump's DNA. 

in Depp's legal battle with Heard, Kaplan demanded records about his health from his doctors and therapists and won in October 2019. Depp's team appears to have been able to stave off this ridiculous request and do not appear to have complied yet. Recent evidence exposing Heard as a liar, violent abuser and sociopath have been made public, putting Kaplan and her dwindling legal team on the backfoot in this trivial and cruel pursuit. 

The latest outrageous Kaplan stunt features E. Jean Carroll's frivolous lawsuit claiming that Donald Trump raped her in a dressing room in 1995. 

Kaplan is suing on Carroll's behalf, claiming that Trump "defamed" her by denying the 25 year old rape allegation she never talked about until Trump became president. Kaplan is claiming that Carroll lost her job at Elle magazine because they put stock in what Trump thinks. This is hard to believe, seeing as Elle recently hired open communist Katherine Krueger to be their feature editor. 

Even more egregious is that a judge in a civil defamation suit has granted Kaplan's request to obtain a DNA sample of the president of the United States, which he is asked to comply with by March 2nd. 

According to Kaplan's request, Carroll still has the dress and shoes she wore decades ago, apparently unwashed since then. In court, they are claiming that there is male DNA on the articles of clothing, though they say it is not semen.  They want Trump to swab his cheek and give Kaplan his genetic material so that they can see if it matches in a lab. The media is mocking Trump and his team's alarm at this and appealing it. 

Johnny Depp and Donald Trump should hire a private investigation team to find out what exactly happened to Elliot Kline's legally privileged property. Can a "feminist" who closely associated with Harvey Weinstein like Roberta Kaplan be trusted with materials this sensitive? In the small, they might just find the big.