Pittsburgh: Sexual Deviant Will Keep His Job As High School Teacher

Parents and community members in suburban Allegheny County are enraged after it was revealed that a teacher at Avonworth High School is a gay pervert with a dog fetish. While this is disturbing to most people, he has not been fired from his job yet. 

Problems began for Doug Haskins, the openly gay 9th grade biology instructor, in early January when students discovered a homosexual lifestyle Instagram page. Haskins, wearing a black dog mask, was featured with another man in canine-themed BDSM costumes.

After the discovery, a source told National Justice that students began barking at Haskins during one of his Zoom classes. Soon after, the Instagram pages vanished. 

This slice of LGBT "culture" is called pup play. Men who practice it engage in various sex acts while role playing as animals. The masks are color-coded according to the gay handkerchief scheme. Black means "heavy S&M," while red signifies a man who enjoys being fisted. 

National Justice has been provided images of Haskins wearing black and red COVID masks to school.


While parents and students at Avonworth high want to see Haskins fired as soon as possible, administrators are dragging their feet. 

According to notes from a January 11th meeting, the board was working on a settlement and release agreement with Haskins. On January 18th, they publicized the outcome of the negotiations, which merely suspended him from sponsoring extracurricular activities. 

A source familiar with the dispute told National Justice that if Haskins had instead been publicly outed as having right-wing political beliefs or questioned the Holocaust, he would've been quickly terminated. Yet engaging in disturbing and deranged sex acts and telegraphing it to your students does not appear to be a deal breaker.

Pressure from families and students has, however, gotten Haskins to take a sabbatical, according to the source. As of the date of this publication, Haskins remains listed as an employee on the school's website