Philadelphia: Black Community Leader Goes On Hunger Strike Over Mayor's Refusal To Fight Violent Crime

Black community leader and Marine Corps veteran Jamal Johnson has been camped outside Philadelphia's City Hall on a hunger strike since January 18th. He is demanding Mayor Jim Kenney implement a City Council resolution calling for emergency action against gun violence.

The resolution, which calls on aggressive use of the criminal justice system against violent criminals, was passed by a large majority. Mayor Kenney, whose city is being sued by Jewish and left-wing activists over preventing anarchists from rioting last summer, has refused to sign the resolution

If adopted, the City Council's recommendations would put the Mayor at odds with Jewish District Attorney Larry Krasner, who was installed into the position by hedge fund manager George Soros as a pro-criminal prosecutor in 2017. For Kenney, crossing the elite-endorsed Krasner could provoke unwanted financial and press backlash. 

Krasner, an avid supporter of Black Lives Matter, is coming up for re-election this spring.

While Krasner is eager to remind his fans in the mainstream media about his 100% clearance rate against those who commit offenses against transsexuals, non-transsexuals have not fared as well. In 2017, year before Krasner became DA, Philadelphia recorded 313 homicides. Now in 2020, the number of people murdered in the city has risen to 500, the highest in 30 years. Only 42% of homicides led to an arrest last year, while 47% of firearms offenses were dismissed in the same time frame. 

Mayor Kenney, who shares some of the same donors as Krasner (75% of which do not live in the state of Pennsylvania), has supported many of the DA's reforms, such as ending cash bail, lowering penalties for violent crimes and refusing to prosecute a whole slew of offenses. When the population, including blacks, complains about rising crime, Krasner and Kenney distract them with cultural attacks on white people.   

Krasner also prioritizes abusing his office to make anti-white political statements over stopping crime that effects all. He famously reduced the charges against a black man who murdered a white man in Rittenhouse Square, while at the same time he aggressively prosecuted a police officer for defending himself from Antifa attackers (the officer was later able to beat his charges). 

Krasner's tenure has led to record resignations in the Philadelphia police department. 2020 numbers were only surpassed in recent history by large numbers of beat cops quitting in 2018, the present DA's first year. Shootings in 2021 are already on track to surpass last year's astronomical numbers. 

The national media has ignored Johnson's protest and it isn't clear how much longer he is willing to hold out. What remains true is that blacks who don't want violence and murder in their community are not allowed at the table when men like Krasner and Soros use their money and media influence to upend their lives in their race's name.