Op-Ed: Defend Your Life and Rights, Go To Jail (Only If You're White)

It's mid-Summer and I find myself longing for the comfort of early spring when all we had to contend with was a global pandemic. We knew 2020 was bound to be filled with lots of gay-ops around the election that would bring consist of the typical anti-white signaling, hate hoaxes, and extra pandering to lowest-unemployment-ever-Americans But as things typically go in a crumbling empire you only have to wait a little while to be surprised by something new and far worse. It turns out this year we get to live through the total implosion of law enforcement and the justice system declaring itself openly, and explicitly anti-white. 

The death of George Floyd seems to have been the last excuse needed to tip the system into full-tilt as the malicious targeting of white Americans has ramped up significantly. It's not as though the track record wasn't already terrible. The outrageous sentencing of the young men who defended themselves from premeditated anarchist violence in Charlottesville. The lack of desire to protect the first amendment when corporations conspire to censor even nominal right-wing thought online and in the workplace. The FBI sinking untold hours and manpower into RAM and the Proud Boys because they won fights provoked by Antifa. Couple this with the federal government and law enforcement's unwillingness to respond to any amount of 'protests', riots, or racial violence, and it becomes clear that we're in uncharted waters. Even as someone in the know of the biases in place, I find myself taken aback by how quickly this is snowballing. It all sounds like a Dr. Pierce fever dream but this is reality. The system we all knew was coming is here.  

The legal battles the McMichaels' and Garrett Rolfe are facing for defending themselves is going to become a commonplace occurrence in the post-white America. Even with video evidence clearly showing neither did anything wrong prosecutors will still push for the death penalty in both cases because they know that feelings don't care about facts. Not only is a white person defending their life from a non-white attacker against the law, but even thinking you may be in danger and calling the police is enough to ruin your life. Amy Cooper "The Central Park Karen" was charged with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree. While walking her dog alone in central park a black man came out of the bushes and began harassing her about her dog not being on a leash. She was racist, and almost certainly a dedicated leftist, but even still, when it comes down to it she knows whos doing the raping in NYC. So naturally, she called the police. A common sense act that now could land her a year in jail or three years probation and a fine. The woman was drug through the mud by the media, fired from her job, and even inspired a new anti-white piece of legislation. The proposed 'CAREN' act in San Francisco seeks to "outlaw racially motivated 911 calls." A similar statewide version in the form of Bill-1550 is being proposed as well. It calls for consequences for "those who call 911 based on biases toward race, class, appearance or religion." Don't be surprised if state representatives start pushing for this in other states. How long until a bill is proposed in congress demanding the same thing? 

The most recent example is the Michigan couple that has been charged with felonious assault for the crime of self-defense while white. The entire event was filmed and a sane country would have fully exonerated them. But that's not how this plays out anymore. While leaving a Chipotle with her husband, a pregnant woman, Jillian Wuestenberg, was confronted by Takelia Hill and her family. It's claimed that Jillian began "screaming at Takelia's 15-year-old daughter after bumping into her", which is obviously false based on Jillian's demeanor in the video of the interaction in the parking lot. Hopefully, the security camera from the restaurant is obtained because a pregnant white woman in a suburb of Detroit just isn't going to start a fight with a black family.  

Once outside, Jillian was surrounded by Takelia and her daughters. They got in her face, began yelling, and telling her she was "racist and ignorant" while recording the whole thing. She calmly explains to them that she isn't racist but smelling blood in the water now they keep doubling down. Her husband, Eric Wuestenberg, comes to the side of their vehicle and opens the door for her so she can get in, and they can drive away. They begin to berate him as well with Takelia threatening to "beat his white ass". As they begin to leave, Takelia gets behind them and prevents them from pulling away, while proceeding to hit the back end of the vehicle. Jullian gets out with a gun demanding they get away from them so they can leave. The two blacks back away, and Jillian and Eric drive off.  That's it. Nobody got hurt. This should have been the end of it. 

Instead, Oakland County prosecutor Jessica Cooper saw fit to charge a man and his pregnant wife with felony assault. If convicted they could each spend up to 4 years in prison. After being arraigned they posted a $50,000 bond and now will have to begin a long legal battle. This is going to be much more difficult because the local media has painted the couple as racist monsters and has been pushing the "unarmed black victim" meme. They'll likely have trouble getting a decent lawyer, and money will be an issue because Eric was immediately fired from his job at Oakland University where he worked as the veteran's support services coordinator. The school president Ora Hirsch Pescovitz [https://oakland.edu/president/the-president/] moved immediately to terminate him for his “unacceptable behavior”. This is now a very real situation that any white family could find themselves. If you happen to be who one of these 'underprivileged and oppressed' minorities decides to pick a fight with while filming it you'll find yourself in the legal fight of your life. They've started a fundraiser that thankfully has raised a good bit for them.

People like Jessica Cooper and Ora Hirsch Pescovitz are more than happy to throw you under the bus for dinner party conversation and praise from the media. Elite people use the lives of those though deem beneath them as a bargaining chip with those higher on the food chain. White traitors like Cooper and fellow whites like Pescovitz don't have to live the way most of us do. They'll never be faced with a self-defense situation in the parking lot of a fast-food joint. No minority will ever have the chance to ruin their lives with an accusation of racism because they don't live or work around them. These people aim to empower a system which seeks to grind down the white working class in every conceivable way in hopes that they can advance their careers, win an election, and signal to other social climbing sociopaths that they're on the same team. Truly privileged whites uphold and push the idea of "white privilege" onto the whites that have no structural or even historic power. Victimizing poor whites and attacking their non-existent privilege is the way the bourgeoisie buy indulgences from the Capitalist/ZOG world church. The more vocal they are with their accusations the more exploitative, and parasitic they're allowed to be.  

Compare that with the McCloskey couple that pulled guns on ‘protesters’ in St. Louis.  While the police have executed a search warrant and seized the weapons seen in the video as evidence there are no charges of any kind being brought against them. It's even been suggested that the St. Louis PD will be investigating "a case of trespassing and assault by intimidation against the couple by protesters". They’ll be getting away with what they did even though it was far more egregious than what happened in Michigan. They didn’t have people directly in their faces, yelling, threatening, and preventing their escape. But they’re not working-class like the Wuestenbergs. In fact, they're far from it. They’re both anti-white, BLM supporting lawyers. When you see whites who live in a literal mansion get away with something that would result in a working-class couple being locked away for years it means they have real connections. You can safely assume they've sold out enough of their own to be considered 100% kosher certified good goy and are untouchable.  

Ultimately the system is happy to flex on working-class whites. At this point, it appears to be the entire purpose of nearly every law firm and elected official. The supreme court recently made sure that every single class besides us is guaranteed the right to work no matter what. It will continue at a faster rate because White Americans have nobody in their corner. There is nowhere to run to. No employer, no cop, or church will have your back should the mob put you and your family in its sights. The more pain and suffering they can inflict on you if you step outside of societal orthodoxy means the more social status they or their organization gains. All we have is our families, our race, and even our class identity as working people. Yes, I do mean class. Good luck finding an elite white person that identifies with their race and against our replacement. The only way to push back is to admit the reality of our situation, abandon people and institutions that have abandoned us, and start showing solidarity when our people are targeted.