National Justice Presents: Modern Politics With Warren Balogh and Emily Youcis is proud to present the premier episode of “Modern Politics,” the new current affairs program hosted by Warren Balogh and Emily Youcis.

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1) Was the Election Stolen?

Warren and Emily look beyond the question of voter fraud at some of the other ways in which the election was rigged against the American people by the mainstream media, Big Tech and billionaire donors.


2) The Truth about Rush Limbaugh

Warren examines the record and evaluates the legacy of deceased radio host Rush Limbaugh.


3) Spanish Teen Ignites Global Controversy

Emily highlights the recent political controversy in Spain and provides historical context and analysis.


4) “Meet the Press” and Political Jewry

Warren takes a hard look at the flagship political news program of the establishment, and throws a spotlight on what former Congressman Paul Findley called “the elephant in the room.”


5) Why Left/Right Unity Terrifies Jews

Emily and Warren discuss the reasons why a certain powerful minority in American politics react with hostility when popular voices on the Left and Right begin to find common ground.