Mystery Of James Fields' Hospitalization Revealed

Last Wednesday National Justice reported that Charlottesville political prisoner James Fields was transferred to MCFP Springfield, a a federal prison hospital. 

After consulting with multiple sources with close ties to Fields, it has been confirmed that the cause for his hospitalization was a particularly severe schizophrenic episode he suffered. 

Fields has struggled with mental health problems throughout his life, beginning at the age of 6 when he was diagnosed as bipolar. As a child, he was checked into a mental hospital twice by the age of 10 and is a diagnosed schizophrenic dependent on medication.  

The young man's well documented battle with psychiatric illness in most circumstances should've provided mitigating circumstances during his trial, or at least during his sentencing, but the hyper-politicized dimension of his case did not allow for that. The judge in his case categorically refused to consider an insanity defense during his trial. 

The source National Justice spoke to about Fields' condition did not elaborate further on the nature of the incident that got him hospitalized. Prison wardens try to avoid the inconvenience of moving inmates to medical facilities without a strong justification, so it can be assumed that Fields' condition must be severe.

The Supreme Court has found that prison inmates have a constitutional right to adequate medical care. It is unclear how long Fields will be spending at MCFP Springfield.