"Gay Black Icon" Indicted For Sodomizing An Underage Boy

Jeremiah Harris, the star of the Netflix docuseries "Cheer," has been hit with new indictments stemming from his sexual abuse of over a dozen boys, some as young as 13. 

Harris, a male cheerleader who is an open and proud homosexual, is a media darling that in early 2020 was dubbed the "gay black icon we need" by Black Entertainment Television (BET). The media has also represented Harris as an intersectional hero, trailblazing on behalf of "black queer athletes." 

Last September, police arrested Harris for his aggressive grooming of young boys, both over the internet and at cheerleading events. The FBI was compelled to act after the fed up parents of 13-year-old twins who were being abused by Harris filed a civil lawsuit

His newest charges stem from him admitting to investigators that he had sodomized a 15-year-old boy while working as a coach for Cheer Athletics in 2019. 

Cheerleading has always been perceived as one of the most "gay-friendly" athletic activities. The lawsuit against Harris asserts that sexual abuse is rife in the sport and that there is no oversight or background checks done on men working with youth in the industry. 

"Cheer" was awarded several Emmys after Harris was arrested and the full extent of his predatory behavior was known. For the TV and movie industry, the LGBT propaganda value of "Cheer" appears to outweigh the negative publicity that often accompanies molesting children. In 2003, director Roman Polanski won an Oscar for the Holocaust film The Pianist, even though Polanski is a fugitive from the law who drugged and raped a little girl in 1977.  

Harris was ordered jailed until trial by Judge Heather McShain.