First Hand Account of Dan Crenshaw Event at ASU

The Arizona State University Crenshaw event was not in a lecture hall. We gathered on a palm tree-lined lawn, surrounded by brick and steel buildings of the mega-colossal scale which characterizes ASU's architecture. The Arizona sun, shining at 80 degrees in early November, would have felt like summer vacation to any out of state visitor.

TPUSA had set up a table, chair, backdrop, and amplification equipment for Congressman Crenshaw's 'prove me wrong' event. There was a microphone held by a TPUSA intern in front of the Congressman's table. The Congressman relied on the steps leading up from the front lawn of the dorm megaplex to give him a four feet height advantage over the crowd.

TPUSA set up their event to rely on the general politeness and passivity of Conservatives, and today that began to die. No physical barrier separated the Congressman from the American people. The Conservative students I was with got their first taste of Leftist tactics and a fundamentally Leftist win. 

15 minutes before the scheduled 12:00 p.m. start, the TPUSA interns asked us to form a line for the microphone. Everyone was in good spirits, as this appeared to mean Crenshaw would skip the typical "muh Socialism" speech and jump straight to the Q & A. By a glance at the physiques, bearing, and dress of the men in line, it was clear that the "dissident right" made up the majority of the line.

The first tactic TPUSA used to try and throw the Q & A was to pull all the students to the front of the line. Those of us who could show a student ID got the first 15 slots in line. Plenty of Nationalists had to either had to find another place in the 60-odd person line, or moved to the right side where our crowd was quickly condensing.

We had been waiting in the sun for 20 minutes when the Zio-Clops emerged from his cave to harangue us for a long 10 minutes on the dangers of the minimum wage and occupational licensing. Nothing really stood out from his pre-packaged verbal vomit except at one point he mentioned that America was "America is built on the greatest ideas humankind has ever had. Moral truth from Jerusalem. Rule of law, jurisprudence from Rome. Personal property rights from London." I figured it was a direct rip by his speech writer from Eric Striker's line that the West is "Greek Philosophy, Roman Statecraft, and Germanic Engineering."

I was further astonished by the complete lack of Leftists at the event. I know that ASU has a Students for a Democratic Society presence, but to my knowledge not a single Rad-lib even bothered showing up. It is worth noting however that ASU is one of the most de-politicized Universities in the nation. On a campus of 50,000, the Young Democrat meetings seldom break 50 attendees and the Young Republican meetings seldom break 15. The 2016 election split the Young Republicans into two clubs. The "official club" is a front from Christians United for Israel and regularly brings in purported Holocaust survivors to campus to shill for war in Iran. There was also a larger MAGA club for the breakaway members, but they suffered when their group chat with no-no words was leaked to the campus newspaper.

The first question of the day went to an undergrad meme-lord in a cowboy hat. He asked Cringeshaw about the USS Liberty incident. What was redeeming about this oft-repeated question was how the questioner made it personal. He pointed out that the victims were Crenshaw's Navy brothers murdered by Crenshaw's favorite state of Israel.

This of course set off the Zio-Clops, and like Polyphemus before him, he resorted to hurling dumb rhetorical rocks at the crowd. The audience included two dozen or so older adults and they were in for a real treat. The Congressman from B'nai B’rith saw fit to educate the attendees that we were all "Grawpers " (anti-semites obsessed with Israel who deny the Holocaust).

To demonstrate this, he asked that first student in line, "How many Jews do you believe died in the Holocaust?" Someone in the back yelled "six trillion!" while a less generous amateur historian yelled "six billion!" I consider it a victory in itself that we pissed off such a self-important, bloodthirsty piece of shit like Dan Crenshaw. But the fun was just beginning. 

Crenshaw's TPUSA goons quickly put into action their pre-rehearsed plan. The squat Latina running the mic split us into two racially profiled lines. To the left she placed any man with a modicum of testosterone, and to the right she put all non-Whites and a collection of White men who appeared to have never touched a bench press, much less a pussy. 

Plan B initially called for the TPUSA staffers to alternate questions between the Chad line and the Plant line. The Chad line got two more questions in before the TPUSA interns stopped taking our questions entirely. Hilariously, TPUSA had some pretty expensive video equipment and at least two camera men, but they decided not to stream the event. One manned a fixed camera pointed at Cuckshaw, the other carried around a mobile camera and focused it in on the audience to film our reactions.

I got the same energy from that cameraman as I would from an Antifa holding a camera 5 inches from my face. My gut instinct was confirmed when Crenshaw stated, "now it's time for a Come to Jesus moment." "You don't have the luxury of the time I grew up in, where nothing is online, where we weren't tweeting, and we weren't on Facebook, and things like this weren't being filmed. You guys live in that reality, and you're young and your upset and emotional. Years from now you’re going to regret this, you're going to regret being on camera and saying some of the things you're saying."

I'd never been threatened with doxxing by a United States Congressman. But when that cuckold was being shouted down by 50 other young men, the threat lost its sting. Doxxing threats sound a lot scarier when you're already hiding in the basement. It is no surprise that when the kid who asked Charlie Kirk about Israeli Dance parties, drunk on victory, used his newfound fame to ask his Groyper friends to do things besides hide behind their avatars, he was denounced as a Fed by the online irony crowd. Whatever. IRL Activism is like sex versus pornography. Yeah you can get your rocks off online, but nothing beats the real thing.

Maybe Kirk and Crenshaw will try doxxing the attendees. I'll live with the consequences, but so will they. Whatever the personal consequences for whoever they could track down, TPUSA would probably collapse. 2 chapters have already voluntarily dissolved, and open doxxing might end a half dozen more.

30 minutes in, at about 12:45 pm, our willingness to humor this shill dropped dramatically. The doxxing threat certainly turned up the heat. Eric Striker once said something to the effect of "all the facts and logic in the world won't hold against 10 people willing to disrupt your shit by yelling slogans." Well we had at least 50 guys and we started disrupting Cringeshaw's speech with booing, heckling, and chants of "America First! America First!" We also came to the collective realization that there was nothing stopping us from yelling questions directly at him and so, bit by bit, we stepped forward until the line of our guys was about 15 feet away from Crenshaw and shouting him down.

TPUSA major-league fucked up by hosting the event outside. Unlike the Antifa who disrupted Richard Spencer's college tour, we would have been tossed out of any campus auditorium we heckled in. But outside at a public university, the Latinx interns of TPUSA could only attempt to give the mic to students they thought weren't with us and try and shame us for being "rude." Even so, a few more of our guys got their questions in. One man was given the mic for his red shirt and army surplus jacket. The Diaper-wearing Randians hoped against hope that Students for a Democratic Society had at least sent one man.

No! Even the Leftist plants were our boys in disguise, the apparent beatnik chastised Crenshaw for talking about free speech but refusing to let us ask questions. At that point my instinct was that we should have just taken the steps and chanted America First until Zio-Clops headed home. But that may be an escalation we will have to save for another day.

Regardless, we heckled Crenshaw until he was forced to engage with us and not the TPUSA plants. Crenshaw cut off his appearance 50 minutes early. And at the end of the event, we held the field. Zio-Clops scurried away as our men chanted, “America First!”

All that was required for that victory was for ASU students to leave their dorms and Twitter accounts and step into the outside world. Though I refer to the other men as "we," almost all of them I had never seen before in my life. All the same, there was a comradeship to fighting the same Congressman threatening to doxx us all. 

We cannot be content to join the question line, think up a big quizzer question to stump these people with facts and logic. No! Scum like Crenshaw and Shapiro will always find some way out of your logical trap. The end result of this thing is to shout at these warmongers until they acknowledge us, and then we keep shouting. The answer to TPUSA is an embrace of Leftist tactics, and an abandonment of Conservative decorum at these events.

The counter argument is it's not optical to be rude, it's bad tactics! To them I'd ask: Did Crenshaw look good today running away like a bitch from a bunch of pissed off undergrads? Did he eek out a win by calling us mean? Those quintessential Conservative tactics, running and shaming, will always lose to dedicated activists.

Our "Leftist Tactics" carried the day.